About Us

What’s CoinPoint?

CoinPoint is an online marketing agency based on Australia and focused on catering to the Bitcoin markets. We have built a global network of clients from various sectors, including Bitcoin mining software providers, Bitcoin-related startups, gaming and gambling product providers, Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin wallets, and others. Launched in 2013, we have worked with our clients to create dedicated plans in order to address a wide range of marketing needs.

Why CoinPoint?

We have the knowledge, experience, and specialty in rendering premium services unique to the Bitcoin markets—qualities essential in building infallible links between our clients and their customers.

We believe in the power of Bitcoin and continue to be strong supporters of it; thus, we specifically tailored our system to operate on the digital currency and use our earnings to further forward Bitcoin adoption.

Our clients’ welfare and success are our top priority. With the dedicated team behind this marketing agency, top-notch solutions and prompt services are guaranteed.

What Drives Us?

We recognize the demands in the markets dealing with cryptocurrency, and we strive to be an instrument for our clients’ journey toward innovation and success. With our skills and expertise in the business, we take the initiative to contribute to the growth of Bitcoin-driven companies and propel them to achieving their goals in whichever industry, sector, or niche they operate in.