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About CoinPoint

We’ve been around since 2013 educating the world about Blockchain and Crypto and currently working to do the same for Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

Our goal is to help businesses take the leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 by offering cutting-edge services and technology. we empower small to medium size businesses and multinational companies to attain their business goals.

With offices in Europe, Western Asia, and the Asia Pacific, we’re serving projects on a global scale. Our goal is to adapt your business to the changing times while excelling in everything we do.

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Our Mission Educate and guide to success.

Imagine and develop bold, confident business models combining experience, agility, innovative thinking, and constant development.

Make the complex Web 3.0, Metaverse and Blockchain ecosystem easy and accessible to anyone through education, guidance and support.

Quality and value come first

We strive towards quality and value at all times.

Being a trendsetter

Setting trends is as important as following them.

Social Media supremacy

Others are often describing us as social media gurus.

Content marketing footprint

Our content is what defines us as an agency.

Masterminds of building an online presence

Our esteemed network of connections helped us reach the top. Let us help you too.

Blockchain know-how

Being always on the move, blockchain requires frequent education and information.

Versatile background

Highly ambitious personnel with the right attitude and mindset.


  • Opened new offices in Manila, Philippines
  • Won over our first long-term clients
  • Developed an innovative exchange platform
  • Built a PPC network and acquired crypto assets
  • Introduced the first PSP solution for iGaming operators
  • Provided consultation to central banks
  • Cultivated a large media partnership network
  • Conducted educational campaigns for EU clientele
  • Sold marketing network to Asian partners
  • Participated in various monthly conferences and seminars
  • Led educational processes in institutions and regulatory organizations
  • Celebrated the establishment of our 2nd office in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Developed Defi coin offering network for market leaders
  • Consulted with top trading platforms
  • Partnered with and hosted a successful Bitcoin Cash Party in London
  • Introduced turnkey solutions for merchants
  • Focused on market adoption and education funnels
  • Helped to popularize decentralized applications
  • Started running Blockchain educational AI funnels
  • Presented dApps games to the iGaming market
  • Hosted a successful event in London.
  • Pioneered DeFi and Decentralized gaming niche.
  • Sold business affiliation vertical
  • Developed Web 3.0 Tools and acquisition channels
  • Led investment in Web3 Blockchain startups
  • Hosted a successful Web 3.0 & Metaverse educational event in Barcelona introducing new technologies and connecting businesses.
  • Built an NFT platform and adoption funnel.
  • Developed the #1 asset for new Metaverse explorers.