А VIP ending of ICE 2020 is waiting for a special selection of blockchain and iGaming guests just few minutes from ExCeL London

А VIP ending of ICE 2020 is waiting for a special selection of blockchain and iGaming guests just few minutes from ExCeL London

It’s exactly 2 months and 15 days until the most expected VIP Networking party of the year that will mark the ending of ICE London next February 2020.

The team is working hard months before, as this year they are celebrating 10 years as trusted marketing partner of the iGaming industry. Already 15+ media have joined as media partners and will be attending the event on the 6th February 2020 at the Crystal, Royal Victoria Dock, London.

CoinPoint’s networking parties after ICE London are always a big hit amongst ICE conference attendees, especially for those looking for new business opportunities given by the Blockchain community. This year specialists in AI, Internet of things and VR will join the list.

Oron Barber, CEO of CoinPoint Group Inc likes to remind:

When you are attending ICE London it’s easy to get lost in the huge space, among the variety of companies and events happening under the conference roof. What we decided to do is to gather the 1% of the attendees who understand the benefits of bringing blockchain to the iGaming industry and to see what is already done and working. Payment providers, operators, legal advisors will be able to talk about marketing and business development, as a lot is currently occurring. What we do is to introduce one to another during a relax late evening party

This year the event will brake its location tradition and will be welcome by The Crystal — a sustainable building by Samsung, just steps away from ExCel London. Outstanding team will help the invitees to get there — the meeting point of the already well-known stand of CoinPoint Group Inc.

The sign — up form is already available on the event page and it’s the time for future attendees to announce their willingness to join as the invitations are limited.

The marketing group have also created a number of exclusive sponsorship packages for companies willing to have special presence during the event on the VIP area on the second floor, where 1:1 Meetings will happen

Still wondering why, you should join the VIP Networking Party?

Conferences and summits are great for B2B communication and for additional corporate branding.

Networking parties are the cherry on top. After all official business and panels are done, the attendees move to a cozy, elegant and party-oriented atmosphere where they chat and drink with a very targeted and selective professionals and media.

Such party brings in the best of the best attendees and introduces a wide range of premium contacts.

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