Best dApps marketing strategies for guaranteed triumph in 2019 — the year of dApps

Best dApps marketing strategies for guaranteed triumph in 2019 — the year of dApps

Ever-growing dApp market has definitely recorded a groundbreaking upturn in its popularity in the Q3 of 2018. Ethereum-based dApps began to stockpile the market, and following its steps EOS, Steem, and Tron dApps entered the equation. Let’s stop there, and try to concentrate on a bigger picture!

Similar to other businesses dApp industry didn’t get to where it is just by a stroke of luck. Its way to surfacing was met with various hardships which postponed and hindered its ultimate application. Precisely those difficulties were overcome by the brains behind the dApps who employed various marketing strategies and techniques which allowed them to play the hand they’ve been dealt in the best possible manner.

Similarly, many decentralized entities are relying on partnering with experienced digital marketing agencies that are proficient enough to conduct business development professionally and in a timely manner. Because one thing is to develop an outstanding product and other — to let people know about it and create interest towards it on a global level.

In this article we have created a simple guide on where to start when advertising a decentralized product online. The list is not exhaustive, but underlines some of the basics to start with.

First of all, similar to any other marketing strategy, start with setting up the right goals: what do you want to achieve and do you have the means to do it on your own. This goal should be as concrete as possible, because if you start with being number 1 in dapp radar you have less chances to succeed. Measure and adapt on a daily basis — be brave and agile in you planning. The industry is going so fast that if you don’t follow with audacity, enough team power and time management you will most probably not be able to follow and will be left behind.

So how do you plan to announce the world you exist? Start with those simple 6 steps:

– Get listed on dApp reviewing websites

– Start with powerful Influencer marketing and be honest about it

– Create Decentralized Social Media Marketing plan

– Plan and execute smart media campaign, according to your budget and milestones

– Attend developers and investment targeted conferences

– Collaborate with bigger projects

Concepts to cogitate on

dApp in its early childhood can learn a lot by assessing the features and processes realized by its contenders. Adequately analyzing the demand from the current state of affairs on the market is of the utmost significance for outmaneuvering the competition and offering services unequalled to that on the market. This can be achieved through various methods; however two are the most popular:

– Sifting through dApp related content on the web in the search of users’ demand/advice as, when all is said and done, they will be the ones using the platform.

– Scrutinizing the competitor’s by focusing on their services, extracting only the best out of each thus making the best mixture of utility and resourcefulness.

Don’t get us wrong as the goal of this action is not to become like your competitors, but rather differentiate. The aim is to become a transparent platform and build a secure and user-friendly brand which will be easily recognizable and distinguishable.

Stir of competitor’s features + distinguishable attributes + your own input = successful dApp

Functionality of the platform is nothing without a well-designed and optimized website, yet another aspect to take into consideration. Before the launch date of the dApp, SEO people should evaluate the website and give their opinion necessary for good exposure and an overall ranking increase of the website.

On the other hand, design and development of the website must be dApp’s strong suit. Both designers and developers must be instructed carefully into executing each task reciprocally. The endmost product of these actions should be a dApp whose features are outstanding yet unique, website well-optimized yet user-friendly, and community engaged yet given an attention to.

Decentralized app Quest — David going against the Goliath

In some uncanny parallel universe, we perceive dApps exactly as the battle of David versus Goliath. dApps are contemplating all ways through which they can fight giants off, and ultimately becoming giants themselves. Decentralized applications, however, are doing this in much less physical and violent ways.

1. There are plentiful of dApp listing/review websites which will dig through the website to find the crucial information about the dApp and give their own verdict, or let users do this by themselves. “How to” guides, number of users, transactions (daily, weekly, monthly), and smart contracts can be easily accessed on these websites. Some of the most popular ones are dAppRadardAppReview, and StateOfThedApps.

2. The chances are that there are already well-established and renowned influencers, that is, people who have been there right from the start and went through thick and thin in order to keep specific industries (social dApps, gambling dApps, exchanges, finance…) operative. These influencers are the people you want to connect with. They have vast amount of supporters and people usually trust them unconditionally regarding investments/business opportunities. They vary from business to business and can be pretty costly for collaboration.

3. Social Media advertising does not favor Crypto related sphere at all. Being active on Twitter and Facebook may be good for general news and updates once you have a good fan base, but expecting organic reach without paying advertising is just a waste of time. For that reason, crypto-related topics have been widely popularized on Reddit, BitCoinTalk forum, Telegram, and Discord.

– There are quite a sum of subreddits on Reddit which are discussing and debating dApps’ progress and development.

– Bitcointalk forum has been there from the emergence of Crypto. It is one of the most popular crypto mediums for communication and marketing. Through the utilization of threads for announcements and comments, users engage with themselves or with thread creators in order to exchange valuable information and get informed about the project. On top of BitCoinTalk, there are other, more specific forums such as ForumEtereumCryptocurrencytalk, and ChainCodeDevs.

– Telegram is yet another medium for real-time updates and engagement. People behind the dApps can chat with all joined participants informing them about new options and updates. Telegram needs 24/7 management strategy in order to be successful, so you should start it only if you can handle it. Specific audience groups need specific management as well: be sure to cover different languages your product is targeting Russia, China, etc.

4. In some situation a direct face-to-face approach is much more impactful than that over the web. Going to seminars/conferences/events related to dApps or crypto in general can attract the attention of big sharks and launch the platform to success in less than no time.

5. Detecting a win-win situation with bigger projects can be beneficial at certain situations as well. Finding a project whose service can be utilized via your platform, but giving something in return might actually be a good choice of action at times.

Key formula for dApp realization

At first sight, it may seem that David’s quest against Goliath seems easily achievable; however looks can be deceiving. It takes a substantial amount of effort and knowledge in order to successfully present, maintain and launch a dApp on the market. For the dApps themselves, it’s often unattainable to keep track of the business marketing-wise and keep developing a dApp at the same time. The key solution lies in the marketing agencies who are proficient enough to know when, where, why, and what to post, comment, engage, communicate, buy, and ultimately contribute to the development! Good marketing agencies are scarce and selecting a trustful and agile partner that will be working closely with your team to achieve results can be exhausting and challenging.

We at CoinPoint have been in the market since 2013, and by pioneering crypto marketing strategies we’ve been able to foreseen industry’s movements and learn from it. That’s how we unearthed decentralized apps and mastered the techniques of their exposure which, if properly applied, can have just enough thrust for their collision to make permanent mark on the market. If you have any upcoming project or wondering how to create impact on the market, hit us up. We take every query very seriously and we breathe digital marketing and brand building!

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