Co-founder encounter — #cryptalking with Eilon Arad

Co-founder encounter — #cryptalking with Eilon Arad

Eilon has been involved with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies since early 2013. With background in the gaming industry and seeing the synergy between cryptocurrencies and online gaming, he co-founded CoinPoint to help with the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies.
Eilon is bringing years of experience with all aspects of online gaming as well as eCommerce.

At the moment he is based in Manila, Philippines and focused on managing the Asian branch of CoinPoint which provides a wide array of services including consultancy, integration, and marketing as well as others.

Name: Eilon

Where it comes from: The origin of the name is from the bible, but that wasn’t the intention of my parents 😊.

Born: May 5 1981

Family: a lovely wife and 3 amazing kids.

Home city: Kiryat Bialik, Israel

Car: Toyota

School/Education: B.A. from the University of Haifa & Doctorate from the school of life.

First job: PC setup for less fortunate families.

Current job & company: I wear a few hats but my favorite ones are directing both CoinPoint and Shiny Leaf.

Favourite pastime: Kids + Netflix

Favourite book: Body Language — Allan Pease

Favourite film: Who frames Roger Rabbit

Favourite music: Everything that sounds good.

Favourite gadget: Xiaomi Pocophone

Last holiday: Palawan, Philippines

Favourite quote: “If you don’t try you won’t fail” — E. Arad

Role models/heroes: People who get along with anyone.

Best advice that I have ever received: Don’t make the same mistakes I made

What does a typical day in your life look like? Wake up, help my kids prepare to school, go to work, back home, quality time with the kids and wife, sleep, repeat.

What business issues keep you up at night? Critical issues and good ideas.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? Success

What’s the trait that makes you stand out from the crowd? Helpful

How do you deal with challenging situations? Analyze, find solutions and choose the best one.

How do you perform under pressure? Pressure is my fourth name.

How would you describe your working environment? Fun (I hope).

Can you describe CoinPoint in three Words? Why these 3 — Creative, Refreshing, Resourceful — CoinPoint is combined from a team of diversified and talented individuals who bring different ideas and mindsets to the table. Thinking out of the box and seeing things in different perspectives is what makes CoinPoint unique and what helped CoinPoint be there before others and stay long after. CoinPoint has been around since early 2013 which makes it one of the pioneers in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies services company.

What’s your favorite colleague? All of my colleagues are my favorite.