CoinPoint: Being a major part of the next tech revolution in Blockchain

CoinPoint: Being a major part of the next tech revolution in Blockchain

Getting up-to-date, relevant education in the industry as turbulent as blockchain is the only way of hitting the mark with the right business decisions

It is undeniable that blockchain industry has outdone itself. 2019 specifically has proven to be a fascinating year for the underlying tech and we still got a long way to go. The blockchain is being a centerpiece of media attention on a global scale, as major corporations are either planning to use it or have already been implemented into their business plans. Microsoft, Facebook, Bank of China, Apple, Toyota, and Samsung are just some of the examples where the power of education and knowledge played the main role. That being so, blockchain use cases in different geo-locations and industries has skyrocketed:

– 80% of European and North American banks are exploring blockchain in 2019

– The global blockchain market is estimated to rack up $20 billion in revenue by 2024

– If adequately applied, Blockchain can cut 30% of banks’ infrastructure expenses

– Financial enterprises can save up to $12 billion a year by employing blockchain

– 60% of healthcare ventures will have implemented blockchain for commercial positioning by 2025

Amazed? Well, you should be.

This global blockchain application and adoption haven’t come out of anywhere. It’s a product of fierce educational efforts stirred with persistent use cases and unified blockchain community endeavors to thrust the blockchain mainstream and into the spotlight.

Communicating big ideas — CoinPoint

What are the means of expansion? What gets the idea implanted subliminally into the people’s minds? How do you explain complex topics to non-savvy individuals?

Simply put, you communicate your thoughts directly and unwaveringly — the attribute ascribed to blockchain digital marketing pioneers — CoinPoint.

CoinPoint has exerted agile and versatile practices to showcase blockchain prowess on the spot. Expanding business operation in 3 continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) yielded unprecedented interest, put them beyond the comfort zone and make them exceed in intercontinental endeavors. Seeing blockchain being far-flung in different shades and forms across different countries, and how people are capitalizing on different blockchain frameworks to build the top-notch products is what drives the adoption-fueled engine of CoinPoint.

Ground appearance at conferences and events only in 2019 has procured what is also known as “Leaving no stones unturned”, meaning that the people couldn’t get enough of the shared information, and wanted to absorb as much as possible.

All prominent blockchain and crypto events of 2019 have been dominated with unrivaled educational force:

  1. ICE conference in London — the most euphoric iGaming ‘festival’ of the year. Not only did the marketers explain the benefits of blockchain for iGaming in a simple and comprehensible flair, but also hosted a “Satoshi Vision iGaming Practices” party whose purpose was to unite major iGaming enterprises and plant the seed of blockchain implementation.
  2. Third Edition of Asean Gaming Summit in Manila — the summit is already known as one of the most important events linking both sides of the iGaming industry — comprehending how to promote Asia’s land-based and online gaming casinos using affiliates, social media, and media outlets. Using innovative marketing methods and constant development, CoinPoint was there to augment the educational curriculum by transfiguring complex cryptocurrency and blockchain market into easily accessible and coherent steps.

  3. Crypto Games Conference in Minsk — B2B summit uniquely crafted for gaming professionals harnessing cutting-edge technologies. Marketing demand galore! A perfect opportunity for networking and showcasing how dApps revenue streams work and how alternative marketing strategies can cause community snowballing.
  4. Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai — heat, sweat, drinks, and blockchain. The conference was a major hit as it was mostly project-investor oriented. These high-profile investors put in huge chunks of funds into MVPs and startups, but were thrilled to learn about what gets the project up and running. CoinPoint was there to present marketing strategies from A to Z for blockchain-powered projects.

Staying loyal to the industry during crests and troughs

Being a marketing pioneer in the highly volatile industry whose wavelengths are unpredictable and unswervingly correlate to overall business activities is very demanding. The key to success lies in the permanent trend stalking while simultaneously extracting its key intel thereby rendering your brand stand out in the niche. That’s how we outlived the competition in the last 6 years of existence and we will definitely continue to do so.

In 2019, we saw the birth of ICO’s offspring — IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) which also resemble every ICO crowdfunding techniques, but the fundraising process is hosted through the exchange itself. Instead of blindly investing in trustless, fishy projects, both investors and stakeholders are given the opportunity to invest in the ecosystem directly through the exchange which already steered due diligence for them.

Q1 of 2019 also spurred further dApps (decentralized application) development, which are slowly but surely becoming the bread and butter of the industry. They are producing millions of dollars in revenue on a daily basis and blockchain-savvy customers are finding it amazing. Usually, dApps are mostly finding use cases in gambling, exchanges, social, and finance — all having the utmost centralized counterparts.

Decentralized Exchanges have also gained high traction in 2019. With the recent Binance hack, crypto traders are getting tired of the centralized environment holding their funds for them, and are turning towards the non-custodial exchanges.

Blockchain-powered affiliate networks have finally started housing merchants, advertisers, and affiliates in a transparent, trustless ecosystem free of any fraudulent undertakings. All network participants are doing business reciprocally without depending on the third party.

Different markets, different approaches, different technologies, and purposes. All these businesses require a uniquely crafted marketing campaign built on years of experience and alternative approaches. Knowing which string to pull and in which exact moment is the excellence we capitalize on. We work with full honesty, integrity, respect, and devotion in every endeavor because each project reshapes our viewpoint and reminds us why we opted-in for this industry in the first place.

We listen, we learn, we share…

The biggest challenge, as with all other industries, in blockchain marketing is to find your targeted audience through different communities and identify the best ways to attract their attention and ultimately get them to the set destination. Through vicious and robust investigation, CoinPoint hasn’t only unearthed the social “holy grails”, but has left an enormous footprint on these platforms by frequent publications and discussions. — is a social media hybrid and it stands out as a reliable alternative to modern corporate-owned social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Steemit — has been live for almost 3 years now, and the technology behind the project is built on Steem blockchain. The decentralized platform enables content creators to earn revenue from the published content, establish themselves as a reputable influencer in their respective fields, and grow the community.

Uptrennd — is a newly initiated social platform resembling Reddit. Uptrend’s core function dwells in an incentivized reward structure customized for both publishers and those who engage in such content. The platform itself boasts about having its own native gamified ERC-20 crypto asset “1-UP” serving as a reward token. The platform allows users to level up by stockpiling native assets through content sharing, commenting, and upvoting.

Another subject to cover is definitely versatility. Producing different types of content suitable for different demands and areas is also highly important.

CoinPoint rifles through the market trends and draws out the highly dominant subjects which are later revamped and adopted in a unique way to reflect the importance of the given topic. Blockchain’s fusion with the automotive industry is one use case of this practice.

Similarly, when attending different conferences or simply engaging in a networking event, CoinPoint has always intended to discuss important blockchain features with industry leaders and grasp their viewpoint on future development. Monty Munford — Forbes’ writer, for example, had a lot to say about the emerging blockchain technologies (STOs and dApps), but also shared his vision of the blockchain’s unification with other industries.

Buzz-worthy graphical depiction of the content often gives rise to massive community curiosity as the information absorbance is statistically the highest using Infographics and Videos especially. CoinPoint’s most cutting-edge “pieces of art” lie in the explanation of how certain dApps are underperforming & how to become part of the 1% — those that enjoy more than 1k users on a daily basis. Similarly, hosting a party with snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan as our guest of honor triggered more word of mouth than ever before.

This in itself illustrates the significance of this section’s title — always welcome new sources of information with both hands (listen), become the expert in the prevailing topic (learn), and, most importantly, pass the acquired knowledge noisily and fiercely (share) — qualities CoinPoint are the proudest of.

Oron Barber, CEO and co-founder at CoinPoint follows:

“Versatility is everything in this line of business. We have in-house specialists who are executing all types of content strategies to stay on par with the community’s demands. As more and more people are getting interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we are especially dedicated towards education and knowledge, as the road from ignorance to proficiency is thorny and often hard. We are remodeling complex blockchain frameworks into intelligible and simple structures that are digestible to the end users. By doing this, we streamline entry channels for all who want to become part of the most disruptive technology of the 21st century.”

What is the next big thing in Blockchain Education?

Blockchain education can be conveyed in numerous ways, as we’ve seen from the abovementioned examples. The education curriculum can accommodate topics that teach students about blockchain in schools and institutions of higher learning. Also, companies that develop blockchain technology and even those that adopt blockchain technology can launch initiatives through which they can sensitize and educate the public about blockchain, its uses and also it’s potential.

Just like programming, special courses are developed to teach people how to create and implement blockchain. So far blockchain developers are highly sought after as startups and traditional companies venture into decentralized ledger technology and there has actually been a shortage of blockchain developers. There are no blockchain development courses in traditional learning institutions and the few blockchain developers and experts that exist are mostly self-taught. There is thus a niche for courses related to the development of the technology.

It is worth noting that a few institutions have already started offering courses about blockchain technology. Some of those institutions include the University of Nicosia located in Cyprus and a few other major universities in the U.S. Overall, there are very few institutions that have launched such programs which means that there is still a long way to go.