CoinPoint buzz: John Lombela — Founder and CEO at Cryptovecs Capital discusses Blockchain in Africa

CoinPoint buzz: John Lombela — Founder and CEO at Cryptovecs Capital discusses Blockchain in Africa

The third annual Blockchain Congress in Dubai is currently at the center of media attention as big sharks and prominent projects are getting all the spotlight. CoinPoint is currently on the premises with our Head of Business development— Anton Vladimirov presenting Marketing Strategies in Blockchain and Crypto Worlds.

John Lombela, one of the keynote investors at the event has found a minute to give his thoughts on the state of Blockchain in Africa, but also give us a hint into how his Blockchain venture Cryptovecs Capital is assessing and investing in crypto startups.

John Lombela — CEO at Cryptovecs cap has found its way into the blockchain space around the year of 2013. Falling in love with the world of finance inevitably led to my collision with the blockchain world. My focus is to educate the African continent and its people about the vast opportunity the blockchain brings not only in the FinTech sector but other industries as well. That is one of the reasons I’ve been traveling the African continent from Nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and DRC to preach the DLT’s prowess and to persuade the African people about its disruptive potential.

“What I was able to detect in all the countries I’ve visited is the government’s knowledge of the blockchain. I’ve talked with prime ministers, vice presidents, and government emissaries on how the people can benefit from going from fiat to crypto, and they were all very enthusiastic about the underlying idea.”

But the people’s standpoint is a bit different. People want to know how they can tap into the world of crypto and utilize the assets in everyday life. People’s mindsets need to change and embrace the idea of decentralization and cryptocurrencies. They need to get a proper education beforehand, and only after they comprehend the process and the technology behind it, they will see things from a different, more enhanced perspective.

Evaluating and Investing in a Blockchain project

John has gathered a team of highly experienced blockchain analysts who are working around the clock to evaluate and assess the projects. Cryptovecs capital is on the hunt for the projects which already have a running MVP, something to be showcased and demoed for the potential of the project — something that they can evaluate and assess the future worth.

Furthermore, tech-savvy specialists delve into the project code (smart contracts usually) to check if the code is on par with the project’s vision and mission. Analysts would even go as far as to recommend the code’s fine-tuning to enhance the environment and the end product. So basically Cryptovecs look into the number of things before the final decision has been made in order to get the project’s bigger picture into daylight.

Ultimately, John also stressed the importance of having an all-in-one cryptocurrency investing platform that will unify all people interested in obtaining the highest percentage of ROI. This is precisely what he has been working on and trying to promote the African soil and to their people. African Exchange and Liberal Investment Opportunity Bank is the project that will be launched next year and will help investors obtain comprehensive data linked to multiple global projects to absorb and assess the information necessary for the final investment decision.