CoinPoint pushes on with its rock-solid partnership with the leading iGaming dApp — EOSBet

CoinPoint pushes on with its rock-solid partnership with the leading iGaming dApp — EOSBet

Sofia, Bulgaria, July 09, 2019 –- CoinPoint disrupts the marketing techniques and carves the path for dApps to earn the sought-after affluence. The industry is very competitive by its nature, but every challenge motivates them to keep pushing forward and emerge victorious hand-in-hand with their partners. EOSBet, prolific and provably fair casino, pushes the boundaries of dApps performance through agile and systematic marketing strategies together with CoinPoint.

Oron Barber, CEO at CoinPoint underlines:

“Each and every new partner in our line of business is unique in its own way and demands a tailored marketing campaign with defined goals and performance tracking. EOSBet is a very unique project as the casino itself was built on EOS, a blockchain protocol on a direct collision course with Ethereum. Before we delved into the “EOS marketing world” as we called it, we needed to get a proficient knowledge in what EOS really stands for, and how the technology benefits the end users. Only after we extracted the key info, did we jump onto building an EOS-centric marketing campaign which soon developed into much more. Taking a look back how it all started feels amazing, but knowing how we tackled demanding aspects which led us to where we are now makes us feel proud and pushes us to excel in everything we do.”

The partnership between the two companies that started less than a year ago is going “by the book”. EOSBet has clearly defined the roadmap goals after announcing their BET token listing on Binance exchange. As Oron briefly underscored, the partnership produced tremendous impact on the iGaming side of crypto — bringing big shark and high-rollers to the EOSBet platform. Slowly but surely, EOSBet is shifting into a massive, all-encompassing casino leader by adding multiple crypto assets as a payment method on top of developing provably fair, proprietary games.

EOSBet business development team continues:

“As with any disruptive innovation, we had our ups and downs during the early days of EOSBet. Building an iGaming dApp is indeed a very demanding task requiring 24/7 supervision and costly upgrades. We understood, without a shadow of a doubt, from the moment we launched the casino that if we want our dApp to compete with the elite, we need to figure out a tactic to thrust a dApp in the player’s eyes in a way which is effective and efficient. The partnership with CoinPoint followed soon after, and the rest is history.”

CoinPoint trusts that 2019 have already evidenced to be a year in which dApps began overcoming the challenges of opacity, insecurity, and fraudulent activity and started working towards the mutual goal of adoption, growth, and development alongside their partners such is CoinPoint. Regardless of the idea, disruption, and technology, if a dApp doesn’t abide by certain marketing standards, it is unequivocally en route to liquidation. For that reason, CoinPoint always comes prepared with sufficient knowledge and network of connection to meet those demands and assist aspiring projects reach the sought-after prominence. Their tagline “Value comes first” perfectly illustrates how they deal with new challenges and which method they opt for when handling each task.