CoinPoint survey: Top 4 decentralized affiliate networks under close scrutiny

CoinPoint survey: Top 4 decentralized affiliate networks under close scrutiny

Attrace, Blockverse, HOQU, and RefToken streamlining the affiliate ecosystem for easier entry to all participants (publishers, advertisers, and merchants)

The rise of DLTs and its aptitude to disrupt traditional business value chains have prompted affiliate marketing industry also to stand-up and recognize the potentials of blockchain. DLTs have an integral advantage over legacy demand and supply side platforms in the affiliate marketing industry. The process is more transparent, self-administrating with smart contracts, secure and fraud-proof.

A blockchain-based demand-supply affiliate platform fundamentally discloses all ecosystem participants (publishers, merchants, and advertisers) to the same data, thereby enhancing the traceability of KPIs. Advertisers who are hesitant about the return of investments from partner programs would be able to trail the lineage of every impression, lead, sale and more. Publishers who are anxious that they aren’t being properly remunerated for their efforts would be able to approve the delivery (and subsequent activity) for every lead they send.

It seems that the solution has already been established in the form of SaaS which enables companies to systematize and scale their affiliate operations in manners similar to that of blockchain. Actually, a careful examination of prevailing demand-supply affiliate platforms tells us that application logic, similar to smart contracts, is already systematizing the management of an affiliate network significantly. Then are DLTs trying to re-invent the affiliate network wheel? This is not true as DLTs are an improvement over existing SaaS architectures and have the following advantages:

· Broader Market Access

· Smarter Payment Structures

· Lower Transaction Costs and Token Payments

· More Transparency

CoinPoint has been vigilantly tracking how these decentralized affiliate networks utilize DLT gains to offer a more streamlined and transparent ecosystem to all participants (publishers, merchants, and advertisers). Consequently, it is essential for all crypto community to stay on par with the cutting-edge networks that are currently spearheading the entire blockchain affiliate industry. These are:

– Attrace

– Blockverse


– RefToken

Through a set of Q&A, each affiliate platform will present its USP and explain why people should turn to them:

CP: What’s the great benefit in DLT Platform’s and the best advantage of your platform, for the market?

Attrace: The most obvious use case is taking out a middleman > Attrace is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform

Blockverse: The key advantage of our platform is that it’s a gateway solution. Our clients do not need to deploy nodes or deal with a complex hardware infrastructure. We have put a lot of thought into the development of our platform to ensure that it’s accessible for a wide range of companies.

HOQU: DLT have the potential to speed transactions because they remove the need for a central authority. At the same time, they have the potential to reduce the costs of transactions.

What’s more important, DLT platforms are more secure than traditional technologies and are difficult to manipulate or attack due to a much more transparent way of handling records.


– Our platform is 100% on the blockchain, the reward for affiliates is staked upfront and affiliates get paid out automatically.

– Affiliates can then claim their reward, this lowers the cost for the merchant in terms of Transaction fees(GAS).

– Everything is done through smart contracts that are verifiable on the blockchain.

– The rewards are connected to a token sale, only after the purchase of tokens is there a reward to claim.

CP: How do you manage Fraud detection/Security issues on your platform?

HOQU: We use HAFS. HAFS (HOQU Anti-Fraud System) is an anti-fraud system that identifies fraudulent leads using more than 50 different metrics, neural networks, and machine learning.

As for security, thanks to blockchain solutions, members of the HOQU platform are not connected to each other in this way and are not affected by the hacking. HOQU’s decentralized software solution allows modules to be self-contained; in the event of a program malfunction in any of the modules, the platform continues to work.

There’s also the Appeal Centre unit within the HOQU platform that regulates and audits the mechanisms in the service. Any member of the platform may appeal to the action of another participant by submitting an application to the appeal center. When a complaint is received, the Center conducts a semi-automatic review of the parties to the conflict and makes its decision.


Quick overview:

· Online advertisement is worth about $263 Billion a year, you can roughly divide that into

  • Pay per view — Display ads (estimated 40% fraud)
  • Pay per click — Google (estimated 30% fraud)
  • Per actual sale achieved — Affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing is an obvious preferred model for most online Advertisers
  • It facilitates better ROI Management
  • In general, has higher ROI

· Affiliate marketing is currently only worth about 5% of total online advertisement, main reasons for that being problems with middleman between Advertisers and Publishers: The Affiliate Networks (e.g. Awin)

  • trust / tracking / transparency problems
  • entry barriers Advertisers
  • middleman fees (can go up to 45% of all commissions)
  • GDPR compliance

Attrace takes out the middleman with custom made blockchain developed from scratch (including private channels) logging all agreements and tracking all clicks/leads.

We manage fraud because we track and trace every individual click on chain > sale or no-sale > solving all trust tracking and transparency issues

CP: Would you be so kind as to elaborate on how Merchant and Advertiser conduct business among each other in your proprietary ecosystem?

Blockverse: Our platform makes it possible for merchants and advertisers to communicate directly, as well as having access to one hundred percent accurate real-time data. The two parties can customize KPIs, negotiate fees, set-up invoicing, and terms and conditions (rev share, hybrid, CPA, geolocation, etc), for campaigns directly in their respective accounts.

We believe in automation so all of our amazing features can be automated due to our powerful API.

HOQU: The interaction between the main participants of the platform is regulated by smart contracts. Reward amounts are determined in HOQU Platform tokens (HQX).

An easy start is one of the most important advantages or the ecosystem. After the simple registration of an affiliate network on the platform, each affiliate and advertiser gains access to the platform.

CP: What fees do your services impose to your customers — Sign-up fees, Subscription, conversion, etc.?

Attrace: No signup fees, Publisher pays approximately $1 USD per 10.000 clicks/leads registered and the advertiser pays 0.5–3% of commission.

Blockverse: We offer flat-fee subscription-based packages, with BI add-ons, that can be purchased separately. Included is also a free trial of one month after the on-boarding of clients. The size of the package suitable will be based on the volume of traffic.

HOQU: With the registration on the HOQU-based affiliate network, each participant gains free access. HOQU does not charge for platform use. The HOQU charges a commission for the deal — as low as $0.5 per transaction.

RefToken: We offer free sign up, subscription and token sale for 3 months as we recently got the platform launched. We will later negotiate on a subscription fee based on the requirements after merchants feel the platform has value.

CP: Do you have your own proprietary blockchain ecosystem and an underlying token to back it up? If so, what are their advantages?

Attrace: We have own token and our own blockchain:

•Costs / Performance (Attrace can easily manage 15.000 smart contracts per second)


•Private channels to facilitate GDPR

•Operational Risk (!)

HOQU: A key component in the HOQU ecosystem is HOQU token (HQX) token, which will perform an infrastructural function and is required for transactions between platform participants.

Usage of the HOQU token reduces the cost of the commissions for participants as compared to traditional partner marketing platforms.

As for now, HOQU is changing its jurisdiction from London to Estonia. Taking into account the tightening of Estonian legislation on crypto-companies, we expect to receive the necessary documents that will allow accepting HQX tokens as payment for platform use in about 3 months.

RefToken: Yes, the key advantage of our token is that it’s already listed on exchanges and traded. Affiliates and Merchants can easily buy/sell our token.
This also makes it possible for us to release the platform for free as long as the rewards are in our tokens, later on, we will offer rewards in any erc20 token for a fee.

CP: How would you comment on the user-friendliness of your platform? How easy is it for the customers to make use of your platform’s unique features?

AttraceAttrace is a fully custom-made high-speed blockchain developed from scratch (no fork of anything), which includes private channels between end users, a rather complicated advertising market space for end users and all with delegated proof of stake consensus.

Specifications are:

Yet, from an end-user perspective, there will be zero difference in terms of user interface/experience compared to traditional ecosystems.

Blockverse: From a client’s perspective, our platform is both intuitive and highly user-friendly.
If we had to rate our UX on the scale from 1 to 10, we would give it a solid 3.

HOQUHOQU platform, on the one hand, will cause no difficulties to those who are into affiliate marketing & have experience working with regular CPA platforms. Yet on the other hand, the blockchain part is something uncommon for CPA platforms, also the unified account feature is something specific to HOQU only.

Though the interface is user-friendly, new users may still have to look through the platform FAQ or/and Knowledgebase after registration to get the best experience with the platform.

RefToken: We would say the platform is very easy to use and user-friendly if you have used any other dApp and have MetaMask in your browser. We are constantly doing iterations to make the platform more user-friendly.