Copywriting team encounter: #cryptalking with Ivan Nedeljkovic

Copywriting team encounter: #cryptalking with Ivan Nedeljkovic

Every office has its Ivan. He’s usually sitting at his desk listening to music hitting multiple keyboard buttons simultaneously whilst laughing at a random joke coming his way. Being a foreigner doesn’t come too hard on him, as the languages, Serbian and Bulgarian, are pretty similar and the mispronunciations too funny. However, when it comes to the work itself, Ivan puts forth great ideas and often aims to excel in everything he does.

Adapting complex blockchain themes into the intelligible thesis is Ivan’s forte. He’s been in the field for more than a year now, and the knowledge he procured sets him apart. He’s a go-to person in the office for any blockchain-related queries. Ivan finds the volatility and constant development & expansion of the field very interesting thereby rendering him curious and inquisitive of emerging technologies and how blockchain disrupts them.

Name: Ivan Nedeljkovic

Where it comes from: The etymology of the name comes from the Biblical Hebrew (Yohanan) which means “God is gracious”.

Born: September 1991

Family: Wife and an unbearably cute Labrador (+ parents and a sister in my hometown)

Home city: Vranje, Serbia

Car: Volvo V40

School/Education: Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature

First job: Line Cook at a Mexican restaurant on Bald Head Island, USA.

Current job & company: Head of Content Creation at CoinPoint

Favorite pastime: I cannot live without video games. Whenever I find the time, I jump into my gaming chairs and indulge in the virtual worlds of Witcher III, Dota 2, or Hearthstone.

Favorite book: And then there were none — Agatha Christie

Favorite film: Donnie Darko

Favorite music: Drum and Bass / Stoner rock

Favorite gadget: PC/PS4

Last holiday: I’ve been on a wonderful mountain of Rila in southern Bulgaria, where we hiked for 2 days with my family and find a haven in a nearby hut.

Favorite quote: “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit!”

Role models/heroes: Seth MacFarlane / Malloy (from Brickleberry)

Best advice that I have ever received: Keep calm and carry on.

What does a typical day in your life look like? My dream day would look like this “I wake up, take a good breakfast, drink some coffee, play some games, and only then get out of bed”.

What business issues keep you up at night? The moment I leave the office I kinda set my brain on another wavelength. I am a huge fan of sleeping, and so far I haven’t had any difficulties doing what I do best.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? Responsibilities, Cortado, and Air Conditioning

What’s the trait that makes you stand out from the crowd? I think my language list has its benefits, but I also adapt to different environments pretty quickly.

How do you deal with challenging situations? I prioritize, analyze, and do what I think it’s the best.

How do you perform under pressure? Personally, I don’t think that the pressure is necessarily a bad thing. Working in a dynamic environment has taught me that sometimes working under pressure shows the best results.

How would you describe your working environment? The working environment at CoinPoint is very healthy and dynamic — two traits that are necessary for a successful outcome. Other than that, a few laughs here and there are much appreciated.

Can you describe CoinPoint in three Words?

Adaptive, Dynamic, and Professional

Who’s your favorite colleague?
I cannot single out one of the colleagues, therefore I think that we all as a group communicate and function fantastically so far. I like that we are all open-minded, open for discussion and suggestions, but also always ready for another joke from Anton.