Cryptofights Beta Testing- Kronoverse and Bitcoin SV demonstrate its potential for Esports

Cryptofights Beta Testing- Kronoverse and Bitcoin SV demonstrate its potential for Esports

Gamers from all lands there is a new game on the horizon in Beta testing, launched by the online gaming platform Kronoverse. This is a completely new generation of gaming that lets you wager and win real money in real time, while participating in combat battles.

Kronoverse’s main goal is to demonstrate and introduce BSV’s power to become a main Blockchain used for gambling and gaming.

The game is currently in BETA testing stage on OS Android, while next one to come is iOS, which will be followed by PC version as well.

What is CryptoFights?

CryptoFights is a player vs player turn-based combat game with influences from the popular board game Dungeons & Dragons. Players have options to choose from 3 different races while creating their fighter- dwarf, human, and elf.

Each of these characters hold its specific skills and traits. Users can customize their appearance and tailor some basic traits with additional changes that can be made throughout the battles. The characters can be set only once but different ones can be made throughout the game.

It’s for players to know that all moves are recorded on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain, so fights can be replayed over and over again, so player can analyze his past moves. Game mechanics are also on the Blockchain since real money is involved, players need transparency 100% of the time.

There is planned to be also a marketplace for in-game digital assets and collectible items which the players have full ownership over, and the developer has minimum one.

How does it feel to play CryptoFights in its second stage of BETA test?

As we already mentioned, there are the three races: elf, human, and dwarf. You can also customize your character prior confirmation. Customization options are not that complex, however sufficient.

Humans has advantage in form of additional +1 point to all statistics and dwarves advantage lays in additional 2 points to damage resistance. Elves get 2 extra points to evasion and 10 points to the initiative.

Fighter customization options are following:

– Skin tone

– Gender

– Beard style

– Hair style

– Hair color

Once options above are being confirmed, next step is Ability points distribution. In case of dwarf it is 15 additional points as visible below (since we have not tested all races, we cannot confirm, whether is this valid for all of them).

  • Select fighters’ avatar and name

When it comes to the core part of the game, the battle, players can in beta version of the game fight computer controlled — BOT fighter, which is a part of the tutorial and once player completes the tutorial, battle portal unlocks, which allows to fight other players in real time.

When a fight begins, players roll for the initiative. The player who wins the roll is has advantage of first attack.

The player wins when the other player’s health goes down to zero and vice versa. The winner receives experience points.

If a character gains a raise of level thanks to experience points gained in combat, new skill point is gained to assign. Player has option to assign skill points to increase dexterity, strength and intelligence as in most role-playing games.

Alongside experience points, player can win the loot in the form of weapon, which can be then assigned to the player in the Caravan. Newly gained experience points can player distribute via Skill Tree. In Hall Of Memories can player replay his past fights — feature we have described in “What is Cryptofights?” section above.

CryptoFights has a security system that prevents players altering the game and making up dice rolls or anyone just rigging the mechanics. This happens thanks to a random 256-bit number at the start of any battle, and as this number hashes a second number and for each round it hashes again and again.

One quite peculiar thing about Cryptofights is that it is based on a dual Blockchain- digital asset transactions (made with Enjin Coin) are held on the Ethereum Blockchain and the combat is held on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain. This and so many more special aspects of the game can be found throughout gameplay experience.


Cryptofights is an exceptional game that highlights all opportunities for gamers and developers who decides to create their game on the Kronoverse platform. A mix of new technology and RPG graphics lead to a new decentralized experience that gamers have never experienced before.

Behind the game, the thought process of the CryptoFights developers can be seen and their immense belief in the Bitcoin SV Blockchain can be felt throughout the smooth graphics, the mechanics, and everything that the Blockchain can provide. Not to mention the capability of handling multiple transactions at once is super important for acquiring digital assets and such.