dApps to follow in 2019

dApps to follow in 2019

Top 3 dApps spearheading the market

Beholding dApps’ enormous power and reach in 2018 lead us to believe that 2019 will be even more disruptive than the year before. We perceive dApps as means of having you car, let’s say, utilized while you’re away; getting paid for browsing the web, or even have some(thing)body do chores or tasks you otherwise don’t have the time to execute. This vision of doing things more enhanced and versatile is slowly but surely becoming tangible.

It’s a well-known fact that most of dApps are built and ran on Ethereum blockchain. However, lately more and more dApps are having their code written on EOS, POA, TRON, and Steem blockchains. All 4 independent constituents have unique qualities which favor different types of organizations and businesses. For example, EOS is a perfect medium for building online casinos as its blockchain allows more than half a million transactions to be processed in a minute. Steem, on the other hand, enables people to build dApps that will financially reward best content/comments created by users through the upvoting system which uses SMT protocol.

Up to this point, dApps are mostly employed in the spheres of social media, identity protection/validation, security protection, real estate, iGaming, content creation, and storage.

Having this in mind, we handpicked the most trending and original dApps on the market whose real capability will be manifested throughout 2019.

Partiko — Fast and beautiful mobile app for Steem

Category: Social media; dApp Blockchain: Steem; OS — iOS and Android

Group of Steem enthusiast who foreseen its wide usage and capacity grew tired of users not having pure, native Android experience with Material Design, bad search experience, and scarce functionalities and decided to build a unique platform for Steem fans with hell of a “user happiness”.

What makes Partiko stands out from the wide competition is its update routine. Frequent updates, which stem from user’s alternative suggestions and advice, bring a lot of options to the table. Claim rewards, redeem points for upvotes, new categories for notifications are just some of the features that no other steem-based dApp had in mind. Developers also announced that private messaging will be available to Partiko’s users in near future.

Namely the best feature that other steem-based applications (such as Steemit) struggled with is the search box. Searching things on Partiko is as easy as it is on Facebook. You can conduct a thorough search on people, posts, topics, and articles directly.

Competitive environment is something not seen before. Leaderboard shows the top 20 contenders in terms of comments, posting, resteeming, and upvoting. Users can earn points by conducting this tasks, and later on, they will be able to exchange the points for the real crypto.

With a growing support and unorthodox capabilities, the application attracted various users who are enjoying the privileges the website offers like never before.

Atonomi — Bringing Trust and Security to IoT

Category: Security; dApp Blockchain: Ethereum

Technologically speaking, devices that are being invented and those existing are frequently emitting various types of information that is collected, processed and later executed (or analyzed). The Internet of Things, or IoT as some call it, is an ever-growing business amounting to 8.4 billion devices being deployed worldwide in 2017 only. The Atonomi environment helps IoT become more secure as copious hackers loom around the corner attracted to the idea of devices having access to wallets and look for ways to digitally steal funds.

In addition, Atonomi bestows solution to developers and manufacturers by deploying blockchain-based immutable identity and reputation tracking.

Atonomi’s sovereignty lies in the following areas:

– Identity validation. All involved parties can get Antonomi’s SDKs, so each device’s identity can be written in the blockchain and later verified by Atonomi. These actions will help machine-to-machine correlations which are becoming increasingly necessary in the IoT world.

– Device reputation. This is one of the most crucial Atonomi’s features. It helps poorly operational or jeopardized devices to be detected and identified. Once detected, they will be analyzed and enhanced so as to lose hacker’s grip. Device reputation will generate scores for each device measured based on their degree of security, service, and commercial, and other quality measures.

– Interoperability. Once the device gains a good reputation and is fully trusted, that is, it becomes secured, it becomes interoperable among IoT devices. If a device is marked as interoperable, the technology will enable such devices to trigger and execute transactions regardless of the manufacturer.

Skyllz — The unified protocol to assess, validate and empower human skills

Category: Storage/Skill validation; dApp Blockchain: Ethereum

By far the most daring and prospective project set for 2019.

In order to describe what Skyllz stands for, we need to take Proof-of-Skill into account first. Proof-of-Skill represents the reputation related to every specific attribute an individual possesses. They are non-tradable; however skill verifications are traceable on Ethereum blockchain. This groundbreaking protocol aims to build a universal and evolving Human Skills Ecosystem that will change the way we showcase and boost our talents.

Experiencing the acceleration of technological advancements, emergence of new job opportunities and show-me-what-you-are-able-to-do approaches resulted in the skill allocation era. Skyllz Distributed Platform or SDP created a transparent blockchain-based protocol to validate and empower skills in a systematic way.

According to Skyllz, Human Skill Cycle consists of four steps mutually dependent:

Currently, people responsible for building Skyllz are also engaged in another platform called Workkola which assists users display their skills and ultimately find their dream jobs. As the matter of fact, Workkola will be the first dApp on the SDP to test, debug and secure the platform.


After digging in the depths of the dApp world and perusing various different dApps, we formed an opinion that Partiko, Atonomi, and Skyllz have already put forth more than sufficient labor and reasons showing why they are the next industry standard.

If you have a different opinion, or would like to add other dApps to the list, feel free to comment below, and we will check your dApp forthwith.

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