Donations done easy and secure with CryptoCare

Donations done easy and secure with CryptoCare

CoinPoint: dApps spotting as part of our business goal

It is high time for blockchain industry to start being implemented for good causes and humanitarian charities. Altruism and concern for the well-being of others is definitely scant around the field, but there are few exceptions where blockchain philanthropists used their knowledge so as to help various ideals and causes.

As part of our mission, CoinPoint is currently on the hunt for dApps and iGaming operators which deserve to be acknowledged and praised. Being in the market since 2013 has enabled us to spot the true potential by evaluating an array of aspects which make a venture both legitimate and fully operational. CryptoCare caught our attention forthwith.

What is CryptoCare and how does it work?

CryptoCare is the project born out of pure benevolence to others backed by two developers who used their blockchain finesse to generate Ethereum-powered social impact platform.

“I think the collaborative nature is unique. It’s much more collaborative than most spaces, and much of that has to do with shared economic incentives. Everyone who owns Ether is incentivized to make the system better. When you put a bunch of smart people with technical skill sets into the same ecosystem with shared incentives, you can iterate very quickly and build cool things. I think that’s a big reason for why we’re seeing the adoption of Ethereum go up very quickly.” — Alex Miller from Grid+

As a contributor/donor, you get to choose your own avatar, its qualities, appearance, and observe the details of your donations. In other words, the platform rewards you for donating ETH to various causes by giving you a so called “crypto-collectible” which is stored on ETH blockchain and IPFS. IPFS or InterPlanetary File System is a decentralized network for storing files. Instead of relying on a security of your own laptop or other devices, IPFS keeps your files stored across the network of computers worldwide thus increasing the lifespan of your data. Crypto-collectibles come in form of digital tokens which are stored in your wallet. They represent metadata encompassing different features of your creation. CryptoCare Pal, in this example, stores the artwork of your creation, your name (if applied), your pal’s name, and the transaction details.

As a sole owner of your CryptoCare Pals you can do a variety of actions with them. Presently, there are ample of tools and (d)apps which are developed to showcase, exploit and interact with them. Some of the most popular ways to utilize them would be to imprint it on a mug, import it into a gallery, or use it in another dApp. One of the goals of CryptoCare is to design an environment in which you can play around with your avatars and use the token in various manners.

Cryptocare sends 95% of your donation directly to the social impact organization of your choice. Their Ethereum addresses are entirely owned and controlled by the social impact organizations themselves, not a third-party. The other 5% is withheld by CryptoCare and is used either to maintain the platform or donated to social impact causes.

Causes that CryptoCare support

Technologists behind the project, that is, Phillip and John have worked hard to contribute to diverse causes including Digital RightsEnvironmental ProtectionHumanitarian Initiatives, but also three unique ways to support Heifer International’s efforts with Women’s EmpowermentDonating an Animal, and Sustainable Farming. Each cause has its own unique set of avatars and different states to represent value thresholds.

Organizational-wise, present beneficiaries supporting CryptoCare’s digital rights are Electronic Frontier FoundationFreedom of the Press Foundation, and Fight for the Future. CryptoCare aims to expands the list of beneficiaries and allow their users to choose the cause they are most concerned about.

Empowering technology

Once they established an enjoyable and rewarding experience outline, “CryptoCarers” focused on building architecture. CrypoCare smart contracts can store ERC721 tokens and enable beneficiaries to receive payments. Using Ruby and Node, backend code was developed in terms of verifying input’s data, confirming transactions, and surfacing the on-chain data via an API. Tokens metadata is always stored with IPFS in order to allow users to always own their data.

What future has in store for CryptoCare

Being a relatively new dApp on the market left a wide space for improvements and growth. Relying on incentivized feedback from the users allows them to incorporate different functionalities and features prior lacking thereby authorizing users to have a say in the platform’s future; and that’s what gets CryptoCare qualified for being amongst the highest-ranking social impact platforms. That being said, CryptoCare announced the incorporation of the following aspects:

• Additional beneficiaries

• More info about the organizations

• Gifting and transferring your CryptoCare pals

• Evolving over time (subscription, ad hoc)

• CryptoCare pal interactions both within our platform and with other dapps

• Accepting DAI

• New types of incentives (from group goals to ambassadors to bonding curves applications to group — it runs the gamut)

Making the world a better place

The idea behind the CryptoCare project emerged very spontaneously and initially left a positive remark on the community. There is a wide spectrum of ETH holders who are eager to donate to the right cause, and via CryptoCare they are finally enabled and incentivized to do so. Lately they’ve started to physically reward the most loyal and generous donors with pack of stickers and high-quality fancy pins.

You can follow CryptoCare immediately, learn more why they started the project, and check their open-sourced code at hand.

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