How to market on Twetch?

How to market on Twetch?

Social media is something that is essential in our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and others take up most of our free time and dictate our friendships and relationships. Social media is widely used for marketing purposes, as well. Digital marketing sprung up in recent years and is now worth as a service hundred and millions of dollars because of accumulating good results for big corporations and startups.

In recent years, social media became quite censored and content is looked after very strictly.

This is where the Blockchain technology comes along to save the day. Most importantly the social media application Twetch comes along.

Twetch is built on the Bitcoin SV protocol, so it puts out all data into Blockchain transactions. This app enables people to post, comment, share, and earn Bitcoin for these actions. It acts as an interface for Blockchain. Users to the app have full ownership of their information and they can assign their identities to the data with a signature.

Is marketing your product or business on Twetch possible?

Marketing services can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right platform to do it onto.

Choosing a platform on the Blockchain might be one of the best decisions a marketer can make because of its decentralized and censorship-proof qualities. Twetch as any social media is perfect for marketing and promoting. The idea of using micropayments to engage with content and the creators themselves, earning from content is good for corporate profiles. Think of it this way.

Mark has developed a dApp and he wants to promote it but Facebook and Twitter keep banning his ads and posts about it due to new regulations. This interferes with his business and potential partners and sponsors for his IEO, for example. So, he goes over to Twetch and does a couple of posts about his dApp. He pays a small fee for each post. People immediately react to his posts and interact with them. That way both sides get a profit and continue distributing the content for more earnings. Word gets out and the dApp finds a new community and sponsors right away. But it doesn’t always come to getting profits. People are stimulated to produce content in the means that they feel appreciated by seeing users pay for their photos, posts, etc. Users want to support their favourite people or businesses, so they pay-per-view. It all comes to a full circle and it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Digital marketing is being revolutionized through Twetch and soon it’s going be the future. No more complicated algorithms and banned ads. The BSV Blockchain showcases one of its most important use cases- to decentralize the centralized and turn around the digital space we know completely.