How to monetize your dApp? The solution lies in these dApp listing aggregators

How to monetize your dApp? The solution lies in these dApp listing aggregators

How often do we chance upon a great looking app in the app store, but once we install it, it turns out that the app is a mere illusion and the videos or images shown in the app store are just click bait. More or less, these apps are nothing more than ads-spamming, featureless time wasters.

Analogously, in the world of decentralized applications (dApps), app store is substituted with dApp listing aggregators that showcase the best dApps in accordance with the predefined criteria. dApp listing aggregators are initially created to categorize and showcase disruptive projects built on different blockchains (mostly EOS, TRON, Steem, and ETH), however with time they grew and developed hand-in-hand with the industry itself. In the last couple of years, dApp listing aggregators transformed their platforms from “just being listings” into “Megalodons” offering reviews, news, and advertising space — a highly crypto targeted websites enabling dApps go mainstream.

With such a highly dynamic market, outdated information was looming around every corner, and dApp ranking platforms are there to tackle this challenge. These platforms can be defined as index providers built to evaluate the health and growth potential of dApp projects by capitalizing on essential metrics such as activity rates, timelines, profitability of the smart contracts, authenticity of the contributors and the communities, but also number of transactions, volume, and users.

The question is — which specific resources these dApp aggregators can facilitate to boost the overall dApp KPIs? Even though the answer lies within the dApp itself and is dependent on the marketing budget and decision-making, dApp aggregators unquestionably make a giant leap forward in terms of general visibility and traffic boost. It is up to a dApp to opt-in for the most fitting advertising option from a wide span of filters and options beneficial for different parameters. Mobile ads, banners, media, newsletters, reviews, listings — payments per CPA, CPM, and CPC — it all varies from aggregator to aggregator. So let’s get down to assessing each and every one of them to have a better insight into which dApp listing aggregator can offer the most for the given price.


CoinCodex is much more than just a dApp listing/review aggregator. It provides a window into the world of cryptocurrency, gathering data from more than 180 exchanges to bring the real-time prices and historical charts for over 5,000 coins. Users can add favorite cryptocurrencies to a handy watchlist, making it easy to follow the most relevant coins. Tracking the performance of pre-selected coins more closely is also available, where users can add them to their intuitive portfolio feature. CoinCodex is not just designed for use with a personal computer, but is also optimized for mobile devices, so you can check out what’s going on with the cryptocurrency market anywhere, anytime.

We started CoinCodex as a crypto listing website and later on, we decided to list DApps as well since cryptocurrencies and DApps go hand in hand one with the other. — Marko Stokelj, Co-Founder and COO at CoinCodex

From dApps perspective, CoinCodex USP lies in the following metrics:

· 1,600+ DApps

· Advanced UX/UI

· Search and filter DApps

· All major DApp platforms

· Active user count

CoinCodex all-in-one Media Deck includes all sorts of ads opportunity such as:

Sponsored mailing blast: 75,000+ subscribers, the unique open rate for sponsored mailings: 12–20%, unique clicks for sponsored mailings: 1.0–2.5% depending on the project, subject, and content.

Daily recap mailing: (banner or text): 20,000+ watchlist subscribers, unique open rate: 15%-25%.

Weekly recap mailing: (banner or text): 75,000+ subscribers, unique open rate: 10%-15%.

Sponsored story or press-release in the news article section includes a tweet, Facebook post, and a push in our Telegram announcement channel.

Display Ads:

• desktop — homepageother pages

– leaderboard: CPM

– header: CPM

– sidebar A: CPM

– sidebar B (sticky): CPM

– skyscraper: CPM

– sticky footer: CPM

• mobile

– mobile B: CPM

– mobile square: CPM

– sticky footer: CPM


– main screen: CPC

– newsfeed top spot: CPC


DappReview is basically a data-driven dApp platform, where the transaction data is collected from different public chains, aggregate by dapps, users, date, to provide all kinds of interesting analytics and insights to people who are interested in the dApp market. dAppReview has been tracking nearly 3400 Dapps’ data across 10 public chains. On top of this, they provide data APIs to partners and media.

dAppReview plays an important role to connect dapp developers to resources, like wallets, exchange, media and investors. They have helped three dApp teams finish their fundraising as financial advisors.

So essentially dAppReview dedicates to help users find more interesting dApps with the data as a performance tracker, and on the other hand help developers better promote their Dapps to get more exposure and acquire more users.

To get a bigger picture about dAppReview potential, let’s dive right into ads key metrics to know what to expect from the possible campaign:

Homepage ads: Homepage banners / page pinned cards.

dApp submission for a listing

Traffic: 3000 -5000 unique visitor per day, 500K — 800K visits per month


Dappsify is a relatively new resource for all blockchain game info. Even though that its recent launch still haven’t attracted much buzz and traffic, the community around the aggregator is building at light speed and it ensure its longevity. The site aims to have publishing from Developers and Gamers alike with wonderful reviews, tutorials, and events being announced along with plans for future contests, discounts and giveaways. Being limited to a specific (gaming) niche doesn’t mean that only gaming dApps are welcome on the website, quite the contrary. In light of the newest dApp development, however, gaming dApps are on the unprecedented rise — so the potential of the platform is enormous.

On top of listing the dApp, users will get the chance to upload their articles and news that will appear on the homepage’s latest news section.

· Homepage banner (1 month / 3 months)

· Featured game on homepage (1 month / 3 months)

· Featured platform on homepage (1 month / 3 months)

· Press release (bigger exposure for news)

· Featured game on ALL directories (1 month / 3 months)

· Featured platform on ALL directories (1 month / 3 months)

Ultimate dApp marketing and advertising solution

These and similar dApp listing aggregators are putting forth a high level of insurances for the users. Statistically, 9 out of 10 players are conducting due diligence before indulging in the platform, and these dApp listing aggregators are doing their best to update the information in accordance with the latest updates and ensure the user about the project’s legitimacy and various metrics.

Marketing a dApp is very challenging as you have to dig in for your target audience much efficiently than for any other blockchain business. With years of experience in the blockverse, CoinPoint has established long-term alliances with dApp ranking, reviewing, and listing platforms and is aimed to use these associates to boost the overall exposure of the lucky few dApps who get to partner with us!