If you clicked on this article, you probably have cryptocurrencies to spend and most likely you are from the UK or planning to travel there. We got you covered! We are going to show you some of the best and most peculiar places where cryptocurrencies are dearly welcomed.

Let’s start with some offline places where you can spend some good old BTC.


1. The Saw Mill Café

This café is based in Startford, east London and its core passion is to prepare fantastic homemade food and beverages. According to their Twitter account, they have only been operating since November 13.

They even do catering for special events or personalized menus and cakes. They embark on comfort and homemade goodness that can make any customer feel at home. The best thing about this café in particular is that it makes crypto owners feel at home, as well. The Saw Mill Café accepts cryptocurrencies.

2. The White Lion Pub

Can you imagine going in a pub and ordering some refreshing beers with Bitcoin? A pretty legendary and full of history pub is accepting Bitcoin in London.

Right on Oak Street, the White Lion is known for its charming 16th century building.

This is probably the only Norwich pub where you can buy your Milton Brewery pint or one of their multiple ciders and pay in BTC. The fact that the White Lion has chosen to accept Bitcoin is really showcasing how tradition and innovation make ends meet with a refreshing sip of cold pale ale.

3. East London Man with a Van

Are you in East London and looking for a removal company nearby? Do you have some BTC left? East London Man with a Van is the solution for digital currency owners who want to move out their home, office, event props, all of this with a tailored approach.

Their motto is “Customer Service” is an attitude… not a department!” which describes their work policy. Customer reviews state that they do a great job effortlessly and with a positive attitude.

Once we took a sneak peek at the offline places, it’s time to dive into the online world and take a closer look at some popular online websites that do extremely well in the UK, when it comes to crypto payments.


4. Girl Meets Dress

Let’s say you need to attend a wedding or a party and you can’t find the perfect dress, or you found it but you simply don’t have the space or the money to buy it? Girl Meets Dress is the perfect solution for that. You can rent anything from jewelry, bags, dresses, hats, and others. The website started accepting BTC because the costs of receiving transactions are just fractions of the sum charged from credit cards.

So, the next time you have some BTC to spare and a special event to attend, turn to Girl Meets Dress.

5. Gift Off

Gift Off is the solution that stays behind the fact that UK retailers don’t accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Since February 2014, Gift Off enables digital currency owners to shop vouchers for massive retailers like ASOS, Tesco, Uber, and others with BTC. The platform is user-friendly and it provides a huge variety of stores and services to choose from.

This form of getting around big stores with BTC is the only option right now and buying vouchers is extremely good- they can be useful for you or for a present.

6. Etsy

Can you imagine an online wonderland of handmade products? Such a wonderland is real and it’s called Etsy. Etsy is a website that is tailored to the small handmade business and it’s quite popular worldwide and in the UK. Some sellers even went a tad further and started accepting Bitcoin as a way of payment.

When we say that sellers accept BTC, they are not that many. If you wonder how to find out who accepts such payment, you can always check out their profile and their “Payment methods” section. If on the section is listed an “Other” option, this might be a sign of BTC nearby.

However, the website hasn’t stated officially such payments and every BTC transactions is based on side agreements with the seller.


As you can probably tell, cryptocurrencies in the UK are not that widely spread but there are quite a few ways to go around and use BTC as a form of payment. All of these ways are just the steps that decentralized payment has to go through on the way to mass adoption. UK is just part of a whole list of countries that are really crypto-friendly- Japan, US, South Korea, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Brazil, and others.