HR team encounter — #cryptalking with Mirela Karkelanova

HR team encounter — #cryptalking with Mirela Karkelanova

CoinPoint warrior in the vanguard of new talent acquisition and endless assistance to all other departments.

The most versatile and friendly person in the office — Mirela. Even though her work description is related to HR, she often helps out with multiple other tasks such as design, research, writing, and even taking care of the flowers.

A person with a smile on her face who knows how to approach people and attentively listen to what you blab about. Simultaneously, she’s the most professional colleague with an attitude we all look up to. Her background is mostly related to finance, however she did find tranquility in the HR department. CoinPoint warrior in the vanguard of new talent acquisition and endless assistance to all other departments.

Name: Mirela Karkelanova

Where it comes from: “Mirella” is the Italian form of French ‘Mireille,’ meaning, “To Admire.” There is also a Hebrew meaning, “Jehovah spoke”.

Born: 24th of September

Family: The greatest family ever known!

Home city: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Car: Hyundai a.k.a Hyu

School/Education: Master’s degree in Finance

First job: Designer of printed materials

Current job & company: HR and Office Manager at CoinPoint Group Inc.

Favorite pastime: Walking my dog

Favorite book: Line of dreams, Sergey Lukyanenko

Favorite film: The best offer, Giuseppe Tornatore

Favorite music: Funk, disco, house, hip hop, reggae

Favorite gadget: The coffee machine at the office

Last holiday: Florence, Italy

Favorite quote: “One could never pay too high a price for any sensation.”, O. Wilde

Role models/heroes: My parents

Best advice that I have ever received: Do not rush!

What does a typical day in your life look like? Every day I’m waking up (early) with a feeling that something great will happen today, and it always does!

What business issues keep you up at night? All business issues can be solved in the morning.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? My amazing colleagues (and my Labor contract)

What’s the trait that makes you stand out from the crowd? I can always keep calm.

How do you deal with challenging situations? I accept the challenge and challenge it back.

How do you perform under pressure? What does pressure mean?

How would you describe your working environment? Professional, Challenging, Supportive

Can you describe CoinPoint in three Words? Why these 3?

1. Flexible — CoinPoint operates on a market that is moving really fast and the Company is growing even faster.

2. Sustainability — CoinPoint was there at the very beginning when no one knew what Blockchain is, and after many “storms” we’re still here.

3. Innovative — Every morning our manager is coming with a new great idea.

What’s your favorite colleague? It’s a part of my job and my life philosophy not to have favorites, but to be kind to all my colleague and help them grow.