Igniting the Future with BSV at CoinGeek Conference London

Igniting the Future with BSV at CoinGeek Conference London

Bitcoin SV time is coming up!

Here at CoinPoint as massive supporters of BSV and all its cutting-edge qualities, we are extremely excited about the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in London on the 20th and the 21st February under the motto “Ignite business”.

In 2020 Bitcoin SV is unleashing its power even more and, on the road, to igniting businesses, CoinGeek is there to educate and enlighten innovators about the scalability and opportunities that the BSV Blockchain technology brings.

If you aren’t sure why to attend the CoinGeek conference in London, we have some pretty good reasons to change your mind.

Why You Should Attend CoinGeek Conference London?

– Meet and greet the one and only- Bitcoin creator and tech-savvy genius Dr. Craig S. Wright.

If you have any questions surrounding Bitcoin SV developments, you can just walk to him and ask him anything BSV related- he’ll be more than happy to answer.

Get some know-how by the best minds in the FinTech and blockchain industry

Learn from the premium speakers and go deeper into the Blockchain and crypto developments. Stay updated and take a look at all valuable use cases that businesses have with Blockchain.

– Network with fellow innovators

Get to know fellow developers from all around the globe and discover new technologies in building the decentralized future of 2020.

– Be part of the fourth industrial revolution as Bitcoin SV strives for innovation and mass adoption.

Technology is all around us and it is revolutionizing the industries we know today step-by- step.

Be part of the global BSV community, as it builds and warps Bitcoin SV into this massive Blockchain powerhouse that goes towards the point of global adoption.

Join one of the biggest Blockchain conferences of 2020 and fire up your business with Bitcoin SV!