Published Date: February 11, 2020

If you clicked on this article, you probably have cryptocurrencies to spend and most likely you are from the UK or planning to travel there. We got you covered! We are going to show you some of the best and most peculiar places where cryptocurrencies are dearly welcomed. Let’s start with some offline places where […]

The world met Blockchain technology with great excitement and little doubts that soon became a distant memory when use cases started to emerge. For 2020 more fantastic use cases are yet to be seen, as expectations rise. Here are two of the most distinctive ones which will stick out if delivered accordingly- Blockchain implementations in […]

Gamers from all lands there is a new game on the horizon in Beta testing, launched by the online gaming platform Kronoverse. This is a completely new generation of gaming that lets you wager and win real money in real time, while participating in combat battles. Kronoverse’s main goal is to demonstrate and introduce BSV’s […]

The three previous articles focused solely on EOS, TRON, and Ethereum with dApps that have a wallet gaming option. These Blockchains have fantastic qualities for transparency, scalability, easy developing and such but there is one Blockchain that we didn’t mention still- BSV. BSV is a fork of a fork of Bitcoin which reflects its mission […]

The third article is focusing on Betfury which is a new hybrid iGaming platform. This platform is TRON-based and it holds traditional iGaming practices to bring up some unique experience to its users. Betfury is launched and created by some big iGaming and Blockchain professionals with massive enthusiasm to reach a new level of the […]

As we already saw how Dicether on Ethereum Blockchain work, we can continue with the second part of the series for wallet gaming dApps and their Blockchains. This article will be focused on the EOS Blockchain and the dApp we will be looking at is Candy Pop Duel. This game is quite similar to apps like Candy […]

Wallet gaming is a betting experience, where the player logs in to a decentralized casino using directly his crypto wallet. In one condition: the used wallet must have listed the relevant dApp [decentralized casino] within its database in the wallet menu. In case the dApp is built on Ethereum a MetaMask login will be required. […]

Strictly invite only, CoinPoint Group’ s annual VIP networking party is back — bigger and better — returning to the incredible sustainable venue the Crystal, Royal Victoria Dock, London, on Thursday 6th February, Starting 4.30 pm 2020 is here and CoinPoint Group Inc. wrapped 2019 in all its successes and glory that went with it. […]

Yes, yes and yes. Blockchain lotteries are another great example of Blockchain implementation on the road to mass adoption. We all know what lotteries are- they are the type of gambling that involves a massive amount of luck, as the player draws a set of numbers in order to win the big prize. The lottery […]

Bitcoin SV time is coming up! Here at CoinPoint as massive supporters of BSV and all its cutting-edge qualities, we are extremely excited about the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in London on the 20th and the 21st February under the motto “Ignite business”. In 2020 Bitcoin SV is unleashing its power even more and, on the […]