A very interesting year is expected with blockchain covering more and more aspects of the iGaming world. It is thrilling to discover that top companies from all over the world will gather for more than 4 hours of networking, behind closed doors, in the Crystal London, just few steps from ICE2020 — the biggest iGaming event in […]

2019 is coming to its end and sadly we have to say goodbye to it. We can safely say that this year has been an amazing one for Blockchain technology- new startups, successes of massive companies, and slowly the technology is getting recognized by mainstream firms and implemented like never before. This year the masses […]

Best Rising Blockchain Projects in South Africa

Published Date: December 6, 2019

Modern technology is looked up as a promise of ending some of the most pressing problems that the world faces- poverty, hunger, homelessness, etc. Companies that execute technological services are often focused at some of the largest cities in the world, leaving most countries without opportunities for local developments, jobs in the tech industry, as […]

When talking about Decentralized Applications [dApps] it is mandatory to include the ancestor of all cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — Bitcoin. It is widely known but still good to mention that Blockchain is a globally distributed ledger that records transactions and is cryptographically secured. The world’s two biggest Blockchain platforms are Bitcoin and Ethereum to this […]

It’s exactly 2 months and 15 days until the most expected VIP Networking party of the year that will mark the ending of ICE London next February 2020. The team is working hard months before, as this year they are celebrating 10 years as trusted marketing partner of the iGaming industry. Already 15+ media have joined as […]

How to market on Twetch?

Published Date: November 19, 2019

Social media is something that is essential in our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and others take up most of our free time and dictate our friendships and relationships. Social media is widely used for marketing purposes, as well. Digital marketing sprung up in recent years and is now worth as a service hundred and […]

Gaming is a big part of modern life and most often we do it via our mobile phones in the subway or on the way to work. The app stores are massive platforms for games and applications but they are not the only platforms for such applications. Decentralized apps (dApps) are another option for users […]

So, in the 1st birthday of BSV, after the halving and after all the development done in the last 12 months, we have launched our new website! The website’s goal is to showcase the link between iGaming and the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) Blockchain. is the premier online destination that emphasizes the value of […]

The Ultimate Esports Experience with Blockchain

Published Date: November 11, 2019

Esports is a term for competitive gaming where players usually compete in different categories, organizing or enrolling in tournaments and battles. The Fortnite prize pool for 2017–2018 went up to $100,000,000. This is how far the industry can come and it is the perfect ground to build Blockchain and smart contracts opportunities. To learn more about […]

Gaming has come a long way and especially esports with its intensive competition levels, has drawn in players worldwide to compete and earn money from it. In the beginning casual games and esports have been quite defined. Now people become streamers on platforms like Twitch or YouTube and receive a decent income from videos. Esports […]