Bitcoin SV Taking the World by Storm

Published Date: October 30, 2019

The Bitcoin SV is widely known as the Bitcoin cash hard fork but its most promising quality is taking all the good traits from Bitcoin and making them even more valuable and tech focused than ever. The blockchain had split in two coins on 15th November- the Bitcoin ABC (Adjustable Block size Cap) and Bitcoin […]

+300 C-Level executives gather every year during ICE London, on an invitation only party organized by CoinPoint Group Inc. and supported by innovative companies and top media Sofia, Bulgaria, October 17, 2019 In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of CoinPoint Group Inc. as a trusted partner of the iGaming industry, the annual signature networking party during […]

Where are we currently with dApps? Decentralized applications came a long way of trial and failures, and currently seem to dominate all industry segments. Expectations are high, but while these applications might someday gain a mainstream appeal, that is far from the case at this time. The biggest challenge for them: find a way to […]

CoinPoint Group Inc. announces its partnership with Ethereum Classic Labs as the 2 leaders decided to offer their clients a very attractive offer, combining development tools and technology resources, with creative digital marketing services to support its market launch. Both companies focus on market education, innovation and UI/ UX needs and have extensive experience managing global clients […]

2018–2019 were predicted as the dApp years. With the launch and massive success of Crypto Kitties, the market had a fast growth which lead to the excitement of creating variety of dApps. The definition of a dApp generally sparks discussion and raises the question whether this is a distributed or decentralized platform. dApps can hold […]

1. Here we are. 10 years has passed and familiar faces can still be seen at the forefront of the iGaming industry. Both you guys have witnessed a lot — a plethora of changes, evolution of iGaming, and its unification with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Eilon, how would you briefly surmise these last 10 years […]

People who keep tabs on the latest happenings in the tech sector have undoubtedly read about talent shortages that are hindering the industry at large, mainly when companies need to address specific needs, like cybersecurity gaps. And research suggests the issue surrounding the lack of skills extends to blockchain technology, too. The demand for the […]

· Oron Barber, Eilon Arad and their team have worked on some of the biggest blockchain casino projects · The agency is one of the 1st to promote blockchain technology in the iGaming business with focus on: payment solutions, transactions, marketing strategies, business consulting, customer acquisition and retention, media relations and online reputation management · […]

Regardless of what they say, it is practically impossible to overemphasize the significance of healthcare. Unfortunately, it is, without exaggerating, one of the slowest developing industries in the entire world. This is controversial to say the least; however, we are at the turning point. Hospitals literally operate in the same way for 3 decades already. […]

How to choose your blockchain marketing agency?

Published Date: September 25, 2019

Do you have a blockchain or cryptocurrency related business? Are you in need of an experienced marketing and consultation agency, tailored to your business? Check out our recommendations in the article below We are guessing you already have the idea and the team behind your new project. That’s great! Now what? Now it`s time to […]