As TapJets tagline says: We just happen to have a jet ready to go when you are. A private jet with blockchain-fueled synergy sounds way more James Bond-y. That’s what TapJets is all about. CoinPoint’s coolest partner have ventured into blockchain by streamlining the flight experience through smart-contracts powered transaction records and automatic payment system. This amazing project has […]

It is said that the growing industries are nothing more than a result of frequent alterations and integration of disruptive technologies. With that in mind, it is becoming progressively vital to preserve the right balance between customer demand and supply, as each customer expects the top-of-the-line service. The groundbreaking technology of blockchain is a new […]

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most eventful and beautiful cities of the Mediterranean and this year it’s a location for the up-and-coming digital innovation conference — De:central Days. The conference goal is to bring together projects from different industries such as IoT, VR, AI, mobility, and Blockchain and help them reach their full potential. […]

For decades, the biggest enterprises and revenue streams have been revolving around the banking industry. Nevertheless, during the financial crisis in 2008, the banks-clients ratio has been crumbled. Banks started mismanaging their client’s funds thus opening a window of opportunity for new technologies to emerge and take over the inefficiencies. Various enterprises jumped right into […]

Chaining the blocks with pivotal blockchain advisors and sharing their vision — Adrian Stratulat, Micheal Noel, Sergej Stein, and Ivan Soto If the blockchain industry was a PC, blockchain advisors would be its ‘Enter’ key — an indispensable part of the whole, opening doors for new players, closing deals, and always glimpsing with one eye […]

Blockchain is secured by cryptography, immutable, decentralized, transaction ledgers, can be made public and do not depend on the system of trust. The transaction ledger can be written with new information and the previous information that is stored in the blocks cannot be edited. This technology is consensus-driven as many computers are connected to the […]

Every office has its Ivan. He’s usually sitting at his desk listening to music hitting multiple keyboard buttons simultaneously whilst laughing at a random joke coming his way. Being a foreigner doesn’t come too hard on him, as the languages, Serbian and Bulgarian, are pretty similar and the mispronunciations too funny. However, when it comes […]

Check out this smart contracts security audits that give your blockchain business an edge in the most competitive environment Smart contracts have already been employed to facilitate various agreements in the fields of ICOs, IEOs, iGaming, crypto exchanges, supply management, etc. Given that organizations like the Ethereum Project allow developers low-cost access to their services, literally anyone […]

Sofia, Bulgaria, August 2019 –-IEO digital marketing agency CoinPoint partners with innovative DAO naming system leaders — BitBoss which just launched a new, budding project — Butterfly protocol. The technology behind the project aims to disrupt the domain ownership industry with prolific, blockchain-centric solution. Employing state-of-the-art DAO registrars and Ethereum blockchain, Butterfly Protocol pushes the boundaries of DNS systems through […]

Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers have already started employing blockchain for their operations, is it time for a small to medium enterprises to do so? Blockchain itself is a tech based on accountancy and bookkeeping. It archives and stores assets, liabilities, transactions, and delivers approaches of recording cash flow and reconciling accounts. It’s in the […]