CoinPoint indicates the next crypto hubs — Dubai, UAE, and Bahrain It is undeniable that the MENA region has been continuously furnishing cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. Blockchain, a “fourth industrial revolution” technology of great promise, is being embraced not only by ventures but also by MENA governments and regulators. Seen as a technological foundation stone […]

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Published Date: January 22, 2019

CoinPoint: dApps spotting as part of our business goal It is high time for blockchain industry to start being implemented for good causes and humanitarian charities. Altruism and concern for the well-being of others is definitely scant around the field, but there are few exceptions where blockchain philanthropists used their knowledge so as to help […]

Learn how to make money with your dApp A high level of security and immutability from malicious attacks made the new version of decentralized applications an extremely attractive investment to any thriving business in the market. Having in mind that we already elaborated on which parameters top dApps have and why dApps have upper hand in comparison to […]

Eilon has been involved with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies since early 2013. With background in the gaming industry and seeing the synergy between cryptocurrencies and online gaming, he co-founded CoinPoint to help with the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. Eilon is bringing years of experience with all aspects of online gaming as well as eCommerce. At […]

CoinPoint spotted legal pundits doing wonders in the industry (pt.2) Following our 1st “chronicle” related to legal experts, CoinPoint has spotted crypto enthusiasts who have mind-boggling prognosis for industry’s pathway legal-wise, and share their knowledge and input on trending topics. Both Philipp Sauerborn and Joseph F Borg have been in the legal line of work for a long time now, and with their […]

Rick Graham, CTO of Evedo discusses dApps and the secret behind Evedo project Evedo made us think of the first time we understood what blockchain and crypto stand for, and what they aim to fix. Utilizing blockchain technology, it unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events effortlessly and without the unnecessary presence of the middlemen. Focused […]

Implementing and monetizing blockchain solutions since 2013 It’s a beginning of a very successful year for CoinPoint Group INC. CoinPoint is a leading multinational premium digital marketing agency, with outstanding place on the global blockchain and crypto map since 2013. CoinPoint a well-known partner within the iGaming business, as it has helped dozen of igaming companies achieve amazing […]

Maltese regulations and procedures requisite for crypto enterprises As countries around the world became ambivalent about accepting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, a small country in the Mediterranean Sea started writing rules that offered legal certainty in a space that had been unregulated. Malta was one of the first countries to regulate the crypto industry and offer legal […]

Ever-growing dApp market has definitely recorded a groundbreaking upturn in its popularity in the Q3 of 2018. Ethereum-based dApps began to stockpile the market, and following its steps EOS, Steem, and Tron dApps entered the equation. Let’s stop there, and try to concentrate on a bigger picture! Similar to other businesses dApp industry didn’t get to where it is just by […]

CoinPoint warrior in the vanguard of new talent acquisition and endless assistance to all other departments. The most versatile and friendly person in the office — Mirela. Even though her work description is related to HR, she often helps out with multiple other tasks such as design, research, writing, and even taking care of the flowers. […]