Successful collaborations enable businesses to increase market share

Successful collaborations enable businesses to increase market share

CoinPoint Group Inc. announces its partnership with Ethereum Classic Labs as the 2 leaders decided to offer their clients a very attractive offer, combining development tools and technology resources, with creative digital marketing services to support its market launch.

Both companies focus on market education, innovation and UI/ UX needs and have extensive experience managing global clients worldwide.

The collaboration will provide investors with the advantage of having the whole process in one place: from idea, through creation, to implementation.

This will ease the communication, lower the cost and last but not least — raise the value.

As follows, businesses will be able to count on continuous expertise all the way from the idea to the fully operational product.

Ethereum Classic Labs’ mission is to advance the development, utilization, and adoption of the Ethereum Classic community, core technology, and ecosystem through ETC Labs Core and ETC Labs Accelerate. Supported by a core development team to create development tools, interoperability, functionality and technology resources, ETC Labs Core provides blockchain developers the necessary resources to build socially impactful and decentralized applications.

ETC Labs Accelerate is dedicated to providing financial assistance and mentorship programs to advance the creation, growth, and proliferation of Ethereum Classic solutions.

Elizabeth Kukka, Executive Director at ETC Labs stresses:

“We are super excited to move forward with this partnership and to add Coinpoint Group Inc. to our list of global Studio partners. Our two organizations share the same passion for expanding uses of blockchain solutions through innovative thinking and development. This collaboration will contribute to the growth and adoption of Etherium Classic and the blockchain community as a whole.”

Oron Barber CEO and Co-Founder of CoinPoint Group Inc. emphasizes how this recipe for success has allowed his company to arrive where it is today:

“Establishing long term valuable partnerships has helped us stay on top of the market. The collaboration with ETC Labs is no exception. The best thing, essentially, is that you get to know the partner and you start working as one team — this way you can deliver highly valuable service to the client.’’

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