The Catalonian Metaverse & Web 3.0 Gaming Event at the El Mamón Barcelona

The Catalonian Metaverse & Web 3.0 Gaming Event at the El Mamón Barcelona

At El Mamón Barcelona, the CoinPoint Group hosted “The Catalan Metaverse & Web 3.0 Gaming Conference.” Investors, Catalan business owners, and top-level blockchain gaming leaders from around the globe attended the conference.

The party commenced at 6 pm on September 21st with various delectable appetizers and drinks as the guests socialized and talked with one another. After that, they continued with informal talks on the Metaverse and other elements of Web 3.0 gaming by CoinPoint Group founders Oron Barber and Eilon Arad. The occasion was attended by 150 guests, who had a wonderful time.

The party featured global leaders in sports betting and iGaming gathering and discussing the future of the business, sharing expertise, and forming solid connections at the SBC Summit Barcelona conference and exhibition.

The CoinPoint Group and SBC agreed before the SBC conference that the digital marketing company would become a vital partner in the significant worldwide sports betting and gaming event.

“This partnership helped us raise awareness of the newly-added ‘Emerging tech, blockchain and Metaverse zone,’ said Dennis Algreen, Marketing Director at SBC. CoinPoint has a large network of people interested in these topics, so we knew they could help us get our message out there.”

Other notable sponsors of the party include Mokens League (a gaming platform with many classic video games) and Khelraja (an Indian iGaming firm providing eSports betting, casino, and sports betting). In addition, SBC provided CoinPoint with a venue to connect with numerous experts in betting and gaming.

“The party was a huge hit, and we’re pleased we could attend the SBC Conference in Barcelona. We’re looking forward to working with them in the future.,” said Oron Barber, CEO of CoinPoint Group.

Eilon Arad, the co-founder of CoinPoint Group, added: “The Metaverse provides a fantastic platform to expose the gaming and betting industry. We believe blockchain technology will hugely affect the gaming business, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of it.”

By scanning a QR code at the entrance after the success of previous events, CoinPoint made sure to include an educational component and provide proof of attendance NFT to all guests. This NFT will be used in the future. Another educational element was a real Metaverse party, which took place throughout the event and had a similar style and feel. Viewers could now participate in real-time and see into the future.

Arad added, “Of course, there were plenty of surprises, lights, colors, beverages, and delicious eats like always. Our next event in London is expected to be even bigger, and we have a few surprises planned! See you in London in 2023. There is so much to look forward to!”

The event was a huge success, with the participants giving it high marks. Moreover, the Coinpoint Group’s professionalism and the event’s quality impressed some attendees. The conference as a whole was a fantastic networking chance for those present.

CoinPoint has been a leading authority in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2013. Its goal is to make complicated topics simple to understand and use for everyone. Furthermore, we want to educate our audiences about digital assets and assist businesses in seeing the strategic potential of Web 3.0.

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