The fusion of new technologies and gaming is the next big thing — EEGS (20th of November 2018, Sofia)

The fusion of new technologies and gaming is the next big thing — EEGS (20th of November 2018, Sofia)

The initiator of Eastern European Gaming Summit is The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry/BTAMOGI/, which was established in 1992 as an independent, voluntary non-profit organization that comprises individuals and companies producing gaming equipment and/or operating gambling facilities and related activities. BTAMOGI’s membership includes individuals who have experience in managing gaming halls and casinos for over 15 years.

Being selected as one of the most influential people in the blockchain industry, Oron Barber — CEO at CoinPoint has been invited at EEGS to discuss crypto and iGaming industry on a “Blockchain and Gambling Ventures — the Risks and the Solutions” panel. Having been involved in the iGaming industry for more than 15 years enabled Oron to pinpoint risks and solutions that the industry as a whole can benefit from.

EEGS: · How did you first get involved in the gaming industry?

“Even though that the industry was skeptical about cryptocurrencies, iGaming industry was one of the first industries to adopt blockchain technology and tokens for its sole function. With the emergence of the term “provably fair”, which is basically an algorithm that can verify the fairness on the part of the service operators; players no longer doubt the result of the game. Personally, however, I found this crypto adoption pretty astounding and immediately discovered an opportunity which I seized and through which I obtained various experience and partnerships.”

EEGS: What do you look forward to by being a part of the 11th Eastern European Gaming Summit?

“Every time there’s such an event or a conference, I get really excited about its attendance because I meet a lot of people, most of whom I share the same vision and mission with. Getting acquainted with crypto lawyers, entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, influencers, and analysts is really a privilege. We share the same goals, that is, mass crypto adoption, nonetheless our paths to that achievement diverge radically. Being in a gaming-related environment is even more challenging and interesting, as the emerging ideas and industry’s growth are unparalleled.”

EEGS: Why would you recommend us to visit EEGS 2018?

“First of all, advisory board of EEGS 2018 is off the charts. Having names such as Angel Iribizov, Dan Iliovici, Tal Ron, Joseph Bord, and others joining the panels and monitoring summit’s program is groundbreaking. Different kinds of panels, ranging from blockchain all the way to taxes and regulatory trends benefit to summit’s quality and versatility. On top of that, there are copious interesting projects and prospects being discussed, and you can actually learn something new and possibly revolutionary.”

EEGS: As a speaker, could you give us any hints as to what you will be discussing?

“I’m going to share some of our experience in the last 6 years of operation in the crypto currency eco system and show the audience that it’s never too late to be a part of it. On top of that, I will also elaborate on how to benefit from the endless opportunities in the market. As CoinPoint is a leading agency since 2013, we are proud to be knowledge bearers and we are happy to share.”

EEGS: In your opinion, does the Eastern European region have potential for growth and further development?

“Personally, I wouldn’t have moved to Eastern Europe if there was no potential for crypto growth and development. Nevertheless, I do believe that crypto adoption is still on the low level, but it’s snowballing like never before. Statistically, two out of ten people “may” be aware what Bitcoin or blockchain stand for, and how to use it, and this needs to change! There are many ways of actually doing that, but eventually we need to show people why they need to stop utilizing traditional ways of doing things (paying bills, choosing a doctor, transferring money…), and start using blockchain as a better and more enhanced manner. Once we achieve this, crypto will sky-rocket as never before!”

EEGS: Do you see the Eastern European Gaming Summit as the place where everyone could get with latest and up-to-date news about the region and the industry?

“As I said before, the panels are very promising, I am sure that people will present and introduce many new technologies and ideas. Bulgaria, being a crypto hub, is indeed setting an example for all other Eastern European countries that should look up to it, and start/continue hosting similar events. I can’t wait for the event to start to be honest.”

EEGS: Describe Eastern European Gaming Summit in three words and why these words?

“Innovative — Due to new ideas, technologies, and visions that are to be announced.

Forward-thinking — In my own opinion, progressive and radical suggestions for blockchain’s further upgrade will be discussed

Audacious — Regardless of its wide dispute, we must remain audacious.”

EEGS: What do you see as the next biggest global trend in gaming industry?

“There is a deeper impact of blockchain technology on the iGaming markets and onto the related businesses like payment, marketing and so on. We see 2019 as a great opportunity for operators, affiliates and platforms to take another step toward establishing the niche within the industry.”

EEGS: How does audience of the Eastern European Gaming Summit gain from your keynote presentation?

“Audience will learn a lot. I’m happy to learn all the time, as this is fast moving and fast growing market, I’m sure the audience will gather lots of new ideas.”

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