Wallet gaming experience on the BSV blockchain, part 4

Wallet gaming experience on the BSV blockchain, part 4

The three previous articles focused solely on EOS, TRON, and Ethereum with dApps that have a wallet gaming option. These Blockchains have fantastic qualities for transparency, scalability, easy developing and such but there is one Blockchain that we didn’t mention still- BSV.

BSV is a fork of a fork of Bitcoin which reflects its mission to fulfill the vision of Bitcoin, according to Bitcoin Association. The name represents the “Satoshi Vision” or SV.

Currently BSV can handle 1000 transactions per second, and theoretically up to 9000 transactions per second, as long as the 2GB block cap is fully used. Once the block cap is removed by the Genesis hard fork (4 February 2020) and the further technical improvements, BSV’s transaction capacity is expected to grow even more. This helps enterprises to build large applications on BSV and it helps Bitcoin mining to stay profitable by letting miners get more transaction fees.

BSV’s vision in short is based on the pillars of stability, security, scalability, and safe transactions. Its qualities open the doors to iGaming and many more fields of work.

There are several examples which showcase the true BSV power.

The first one is Twetch which is a decentralized social media that has a vibrant community. Twetch launched in May, 2019. It is no different than your standard social media, as users can still comment, post and follow their favorite content creators. Users can search for posts or fellow users and have their newsfeed updated with the newest posts. Twetch connects with Money Button wallet which is similar to Ethereum’s Metamask- a simple solution of connecting your wallet to your favourite dApps. Twetch allows their users to pay and receive BSV for their actions such as following, sharing, posting, commenting, etc.

To show you how easy it is, we’re going to explain in few screenshots how to use your Twetch account.

  1. First you log in Twetch via your MoneyButton wallet account.

2. Then you type a post and when you hit the “post” button, a pop-up appears with the amount of BSV to be taken from your wallet.

3. Your transaction is being processed and the post is published

4. You can see the processed transaction in your wallet afterwards.

As we already saw how a decentralized social media works, we can move on to some gaming experience that is brought by BSV.

The next dApp to enjoy on the BSV Blockchain is Peergame. Peergame.com is a provably fair gambling platform built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The platform is launched in August 2019. The platform uses Moneybutton to login, to take bets, and to return winnings. It has been online for some time now with regular updates and a good customer support.

There are currently 4 games on Peergame.com — Turtle Race, Bitto, Ladder game and Monkey’s Flag.

To showcase the simplicity and power of Peergame.com, we are explaining it in screenshots.

  1. You enter your MoneyButton wallet account in order to access Peergame.

2. Then you go to the website and choose your game of choice. In our case the game “Turtle Race”.

3. When you enter the game, you choose the color of one of the turtles on the screen and bet a chosen sum of BSV.

4. When your transaction is processed and ready to go, you wait for the time to be up and the race to start.

5. The race starts and the turtles race in order to reach the flags at the end of the screen.

6. After the race results, you can go back to the MoneyButton Wallet and view the transactions from the game.

We have mentioned MoneyButton several times but how does it do its magic exactly. Moneybutton is online wallet service unlike any crypto wallet before it, and it connects all the services built on Bitcoin SV. It’s easy to sign up on Moneybutton, upon signing in you enter your account screen, you can add funds to crypto wallet, see your balance, your current Paymail, and the ability to buy a new Paymail. Paymails are one of the good features that Moneybutton introduces, this identity protocol will help with the mass adoption making BSV payments as simple as scribbling an email with maintaining the security and privacy.

Other dApps and projects that you can use the MoneyButton are FiveBucks, BitPaste, Feed the Frog, the on-chain internet for the Bitcoin SV blockchain Metanet, and others.


As you can see, the projects which we presented on BSV Blockchain are quite innovative and user-friendly even for Blockchain newbies. You can go on your profile and post with BSV on social media, play games with BSV, and all of it with one single click of the MoneyButton.