Wallet gaming experience on the EOS blockchain, part 2

Wallet gaming experience on the EOS blockchain, part 2

As we already saw how Dicether on Ethereum Blockchain work, we can continue with the second part of the series for wallet gaming dApps and their Blockchains.

This article will be focused on the EOS Blockchain and the dApp we will be looking at is Candy Pop Duel.

This game is quite similar to apps like Candy Crush, as it is a Match 3 game but with a single competition element tied to it.

Two players compete within the same blocks placement and they can test their skills on the same field. The game can be replayed, just like Solitaire Duel which is another game of the same developers- Neowiz Blockchain Lab.

As already mentioned, Candy Pop Duel can be quite familiar to the players, as they have to match candies and create special ones for grand effects on the blocks.

The more candies you match in a single action, the bigger your score gets. Players can earn EOS throughout the game. The game uses Wombat wallet.

Candy Pop Duel has a fantastic mobile support, players can enjoy the game no matter when and where.

We will show you how the full experience of one player on Candy Pop Duel goes and what to do, if you are a first-time player on the dApp.

Let’s begin.

  1. First you go to your wallet and go to the Explorer page.

2. Then you find and click on the Candy Pop Duel icon.


3. When the screen of the dApp loads, you go and click the Login button.

4. All of your wallet funds transfer directly to the dApp without the option to divide some funds apart just for the dApp itself.

5. In order to start a game, user has to confirm the transfer of funds.

6. After that the dApp starts searching for a player to play with and you start to play with the opponent.

7. In this case, the player lost the match, so he loses some of the funds and the ingame balance is updated right away and the wallet balance updates accordingly.

8. You can see the history of all your matches in the “History” tab.

9. For the final step, you can head back to the wallet and check your fundings.


It is so easy and as with every dApp in this series, you can see how wallet gaming completely changes user experience for players worldwide. The next dApp and Blockchain in the series to take a look at will be TRON and Betfury.