Wallet gaming experience on the TRON blockchain, part 3

Wallet gaming experience on the TRON blockchain, part 3

The third article is focusing on Betfury which is a new hybrid iGaming platform. This platform is TRON-based and it holds traditional iGaming practices to bring up some unique experience to its users. Betfury is launched and created by some big iGaming and Blockchain professionals with massive enthusiasm to reach a new level of the iGaming process. Their policy is centered around fairness, transparency, and updated iGaming practices. Their goal is to transform Blockchain and gaming development.

All payments on Betfury are Tron (TRX) based with using wallets such as Tronlink, Tronwallet, and others. There is a BFG token developed on TRC-20 smart contract. Scalability on the platform involves new tokens for a bigger range of payments.

There is no need for registration or any information.

We will walk you through the steps of using the Betfury dapp and you will see how easy it is to bet on the Blockchain.

To start off you install a TronLink wallet extension or the TronWallet mobile app. Authorization is automatic and easy with no passwords or emails needed.

  1. First you go to your wallet and lunch the Betfury icon.

2. Then you fill in your signing request of the wallet for the made transaction of funds.

3. You open your wallet and see your funds.

4. Then you deposit the needed amount from your wallet to your in-game balance. This is good because your funds are not endangered of being lost.

5. Then you receive a signing request for the deposited amount of TRON and it usually takes around 2 minutes for transaction to be processed.

6. You can then see how the funds in the wallet are updated.

7. Then you bet on a certain number and in this case the result is winning. You can see the highlighted updated funds in the top right corner.


This is again another easy and mobile option to play on your favorite betting game without waiting or losing funds from your wallet. Everything from A to Z is right there in front of you with no special terms and conditions to it because Betfury makes betting smarter and easier.