Bitcoin Cash Party

2018 marked the beginning of our yearly tradition of throwing educational networking parties. At this point in our careers, we had already done numerous educational works for clients in Asia, and internationally. We covered dApps, the values on boarding, and NFTs.



ExCel West, London

Snooker champ Ronnie O’Sullivan attends CoinPoint’s Bitcoin Cash Party

The event for 2018 became the origin of our annual gatherings. We collaborated with to show our attendees the real-life applications of BitCoin Cash.

“As part of our educational campaign, we push bitcoin cash as the real bitcoin because as bitcoin users we actually believe that this is the true and real bitcoin as it was supposed to be.” – Eilon Arad, CoinPoint Co-Founder

Invitees were asked to download the BitCoin Cash app. before arriving at the door to the venue. Upon arriving at the entrance, our guests could scan their phones and be rewarded 5GBP worth of Bitcoin Cash for downloading the app. Once inside the cozy party space, attendees could buy a “free-flowing drinks” sticker by sending our bartenders 5GBP of Bitcoin Cash.

Essentially, we shared the value of Bitcoin Cash with our guests by “forcing” them to use the BitCoin Cash app. They discovered how it could be applied in the real-world and familiarized themselves with the speed and convenience of this emerging technology.

The capstone for this evening was a raffle for a signed cue from World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan. The guests were surprised to find that Ronnie himself was there to gift the cue to the lucky winner in person.