It is now common knowledge that Bitcoin yields insurmountable amounts of benefits that vividly implicate the dawn of a new era.  This cryptocurrency has tapped the majority of online-based markets, including online advertising, and has amplified their services through endorsing instant, secure, and anonymous transactions between distributors and clients. With several Bitcoin-based advertising companies existing today, AdBit still made its name known in the niche because of its groundbreaking features and services.

Compared with its competitors, this Bitcoin-based advertising network strongly adheres to the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin—anonymous, fluid, and secure. Clients are ensured that no personal data will be compromised, and that their transactions will instantly go through without any setback whenever they do business with AdBit.

AdBit’s set of quality services

Apart from showcasing the linearity of its core with Bitcoin, this platform is proud of its one-of-a-kind set of services that shares great amounts of benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Unlike any other advertising agencies, this platform provides its clients with the most favorable results, without the need to compromise their marketing freedom.

Advertisers also have full liberty to choose their desired website with their target audience base. This further guarantees them that their ads will garner fruitful results.

Moreover, publishers do not need anymore to undergo rigorous and complex website setups and processes to get their ad space going. Through AdBit’s platform services, everything happens as planned. And this includes the posting of ads on their website. As such, publishers get to experience incoming returns, even while they sleep.

Introducing the “pay-per-day”

Although those functions mentioned may seem conventional, especially on advertising perspectives, this website boasts its finest feature known as the ‘pay-per-day’ system. Through this system, AdBit can simultaneously cater to both advertisers and publishers. While the company extends the services, it does not need to leave either of the two on the tight end. This proves how great the website is in shooting sharply two birds with one stone.

Thus, the flow starts when advertisers bid for a share in the adspace made available by the publishers. Once the system has determined the highest bidder, the ads will automatically appear on the website of the publisher who made the highest bid. And it happens very instantly. In this setup, every cost made does not go to waste and both parties get the results they aimed for with little to no effort at all.