coinfestukCoinFest prides itself on being the first decentralized currency convention. From a gathering of 100 bitcoiners at a coffee house in Vancouver, it now caters to cryptocurrency users and interested parties within and outside Canada. This time, UK will hold its CoinFest event on April 8 and 9, 2016.

CoinFestUK is a two-day event that will be held in Manchester courtesy of CryptoBatesGroup. The venue will be at Madlab in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and will serve as the prime spot for an array of activities.

This includes the access to an onsite Bitcoin ATM, the screening of an award-winning Bitcoin documentary, the streaming of music from The Cypherfunks, and an amazing list of giveaways and games from and The GameCredits team, to name a few. Of course, Bitcoin Pizza is also part of the agenda.

Granted that CoinFest is not handled by a single organization but rather organized by various sponsors and groups of Bitcoin supporters—CryptoBatesGroup in this case—it is open to receiving help in kind or in Bitcoin. Sponsors who will donate in exchange for physical advertising are welcome, as well as individuals or groups who will provide financial assistance in the form of the cryptocurrency to help make the CoinFest event a success.

Further maximizing the Bitcoin technology, this decentralized convention assures of transparency, especially when it comes to its funds. In fact, it now stores its funds in a multisignature address, with the CoinFest UK funds separately kept from the CoinFest central funds.

With the stage all set for the CoinFestUK, CoinFest only proved that its role in the promotion of Bitcoin around the world is effective.

What started as a small celebration of the acceptance of the digital currency at a Waves Coffee House in 2013, CoinFest is now recognized as one of the much-anticipated Bitcoin conventions, especially when it extended its venue internationally beginning in 2015.

The success of this convention is evident in the monumental event of the world’s first-ever installation of a Bitcoin ATM spearheaded by CoinTrader, known then as Bitcoiniacs.

Being distinct in the ecosystem as a decentralized currency-powered convention, CoinFest stood out by setting up two main goals: to spread awareness and knowledge of Bitcoin’s functions and importance and to make the usage of Bitcoin a rewarding process.

Moreover, it stayed true to its mission as the convention transformed Vancouver to become the first to simultaneously hold exhibits in multiple venues, putting into action the true essence of decentralization. This alone makes CoinFest unlike the typical conventions, conferences, and expos held across the world.

Now that it is celebrated globally, practically anyone can be part of this movement, provided that the event is held at the same time as all the other CoinFest events scheduled to take place.

With this setup, numerous bitcoiners have already joined in this celebration in Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.