d10e, in partnership with Blockchain Investors Consortium, gathers experts, enthusiasts, and investors to attend its global conventions on blockchain and ICO. The company is hosting four-day events full of presentations, networking sessions, meetings, and sight-seeing.

Participants can expect an excellent speaker line-up for discussions on ICO and Fintech. Discussions on the impact of blockchain technology are a big part of the conferences. In addition, the conventions will open competitions on ICO. These contests will be open to attendees willing to showcase their products. Another special activity that attendees can only find in d10e events is the one-on-one meeting with the d10e community. The meeting will allow participants to directly ask for solutions that can improve their businesses.

The conferences by this company will serve as a bridge to connect investors from different sectors. There will be an exchange of ideas and experiences that can help each participant. To get an update on innovations and learn business strategies, aspiring guests can now reserve their tickets for the d10e event they wish to attend.