igamingbusinessiGaming Business is the premier and largest publishing company in the iGaming industry. It disseminates high-level information to various markets through its network of channels, including magazines, events, websites, and intelligent reports.

Providing quality services to the iGaming sector for more than 14 years, iGaming Business has fostered a reputation in this trade, earning itself over 16,000 affiliates, vendors, and operators subscribed to its off-line content, as well as 75,000 online followers.

This company is an institution in the iGaming sector, and this is not surprising given the number of its products trusted across the world.

The iGaming Business Magazine is the flagship product and the magazine to beat in this industry. It is the top magazine and highly respected publication that caters to the interactive gaming and gambling markets. This is the main medium through which its 16,000 offline readership is reached. The magazine is published every two months and is structured to be beneficial to the readers rather than the advertisers.

Also available for online subscription, the iGaming Business Magazine secures its position as the leading publication for the iGaming sector.

The iGaming Business North America Magazine is another publication, but is directed at the iGaming market in North America. With North America comprising 26 percent of the total readership of 10, 875, iGaming Business is only wise in delivering market-specific content that monitors the growth of the iGaming industry in the said region.

Completing its list of magazines is iGaming Business’ iGB Affiliate Magazine, which offers content entirely for affiliates in this field. It is published every two months and is circulated among over 5,000 active affiliates and with an average online viewership of 18,000 individuals per month.

The company also has other publications and products designed to benefit the players, operators, and affiliates in the iGaming sector.

In fact, iGaming Business is active in holding events, conferences, and conventions that tackle the latest developments, trends, and news in the industry.

ICE Totally Gaming is one of the largest and most-awaited events in iGaming and is held in London annually. It gathers credible speakers to talk about various topics and to share the information vital to the industry.

iGaming North America Conference is another of the iGaming Business’ events, and it aims to provide a unique networking and educational platform for stakeholders of the iGaming industry both in the local and international scenes.

Meanwhile, the iGB Affiliate events are also among the highly anticipated gatherings since they offer windows of opportunities for all affiliates in the world to explore the market and gain a clear-cut understanding of it.