Robotics Expo

Robotics Expo is the event for participants interested in robots. This exhibition will be held on the 25th to 26th of November 2017 at ECC Sokolniki, Moscow. The conference will focus on the impact of cyborgs on sports, engineering, and business, among others.

This will be the 5th international exhibition by Smile-Expo, highlighting the master classes wherein guests can create their own robot and learn linear programming. Another highlight of the convention is the Startup Space Zone and demonstration area. These activities will showcase the latest cyborgs and present additional techniques that can improve the guests’ bots. And for the first time, Robotics Expo presents the Battle of Robots.

By attending the convention, participants have a chance to create partnerships with the leading engineers and developers. Successful company representatives, technology experts, and government officials will lead the intellectual debates focusing on the issues regarding the robot technology. Robotics Expo will revisit Moscow in November 2018.