Smile-Expo invites everyone to attend Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia on December 12, 2017 at Ljublajana Exhibition and Convention Center, Slovenia. The conference is about how blockchain technology can create positive impact on government projects and businesses. The adoption of ICO and decentralized technologies will also be part of the presentations.

Since this is the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Slovenia, Smile-Expo prepared interactive activities, such as panel discussions and exhibitions for the Slovenes and international guests. The programs will cover the acceptance of crypto coins in the country and in Europe. These discussions can help participants better understand the purpose of the public ledger and the advantages of integrating cryptocurrencies into the business sector.

The one-day conference will give participants a chance to get the latest innovations in line with digital currencies, fintech, and investments. This is a best opportunity to gain insights and strategies that can develop the attendees’ businesses.