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CoinPoint is an Australian-based online marketing agency focused on catering to the Bitcoin markets. Since our launch in 2013, we have created professional ties with our clients by providing them with excellent and specialized plans designed to address a wide range of marketing and integration needs relative to the latest trends.

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You are in safe hands. Our team of media marketers has the expertise and skills in launching campaigns designed for perfection. We value quality and time, and we treat our clients with utmost respect and professionalism.


Whether directing traffic or generating sales, we have it covered. Brilliant minds rule this marketing agency and our past projects and clients are testaments to the knowledge we are eager to share with you. Flexibility and creativity are two of our strongest traits.


We don’t settle for mediocre results. Success drives us to hit our targets and to satisfy our clients with top-notch products. You tell us what you want. We will set goals. We will deliver.

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  • Bitcoin Integration

    Bitcoin is the latest trend, and adopting it is a wise marketing decision. Integrating a myriad of services, including payment processing, shopping carts, eCommerce, and even third-party game content providers, will not only keep your business updated with market demands but will also expose the brand to a larger customer base that caters to both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

  • Bitcoin Processing Solutions

    Handling Bitcoin payments is integral in the business, but some may find it an extra load to carry. Fortunately, there are different ways you can process the funds and payments by choosing the method that perfectly suits your preference. Personally processing Bitcoin payments or relying on a Bitcoin payment gateway we can help integrate into your system are options we provide, together with the freedom to look for alternative means to process payments.

  • Bitcoin Security

    Hard-earned profits don’t happen overnight, hence the need to keep your Bitcoin secure. We can’t keep your funds locked and buried in the middle of the ocean, but our Bitcoin security protocols and solutions will keep it far from all forms of cyber threats imaginable.

  • Pay Per Click

    An organized PPC marketing campaign may just be the extra juice your website needs to achieve the targeted results. Through PPC, the optimized ads will generate traffic efficiently without exceeding your budget.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    It’s a wild world out there, and lacking the right elements to be noticed may be the cause of your website’s premature exit. SEO is the solution to remain in the industry, and is responsible for ranking any online business on the first page.

  • Affiliation

    Reaching out to your market through a cost-effective approach is what affiliate marketing can offer to the table, whether your website is only starting or has already been online for weeks, months, or even years. Building a network of affiliates proves to be very instrumental.

  • Content

    Websites need value, and this is achieved through the engaging content shown on the platform. What customers see and read serves as the reinforcements to the outright marketing campaigns devised to attract your target audience.

  • Design

    Visual aesthetics is the game-changer. The success rate of any digital marketing campaign will plummet without the presence of high-quality, attention-grabbing designs for websites.

  • Consultation

    To share our knowledge on how to make it in the Bitcoin industry is just one of the services we take pride in. With a vast amount of knowledge in the Bitcoin market, we offer our clients the power to build their online identity.

  • Email Marketing

    Extend your branding into your target customers’ home in the web – their emails! Let our niche experts handle your brand’s email marketing. From one-time email blasts to regular spots and features on our Newsletters, CoinPoint will make sure your brand effectively reaches your potential customers.

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