Head of Business Development encounter — #cryptalking with Anton Vladimirov

Head of Business Development encounter — #cryptalking with Anton Vladimirov

Meet the most inspiring people behind CoinPoint team! Business, creative — digital kings and queens, blockchain adepts — meet the CoinPoint Agency warriors in a series of interviews to follow.

Having a strong customer engagement and sales background in renowned companies allowed Anton to adapt to his versatile role as a Head of Business Development at CoinPoint at CoinPoint Group INC. He delved into crypto world and blockchain fearlessly and is one of our most beloved warriors.

NameAnton Vladimirov

Where it comes from: Its origin comes from old Roman times — Anthony. Anton is a common first name in Europe in the last hundred years. Popular folk definitions are “Priceless” and “of inestimable worth”.

Born: In the hot summer of 1990 in Bulgaria.

Family: Mother Valeriya, father Victor and older brother Nikolay

Home city: Pernik, Bulgaria

Car: The more powerful — the better!

School/Education: Master’s degree in Sales Management and Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management

First job: Production factory of salads

Current job & company: Head of Business Development at CoinPoint

Favorite pastime: Extreme sports and travelling

Favorite book: Staff every man should know by Brett Cohen

Favorite film: Django unchained

Favorite music: Usually depending on the mood — deep house, rhythm and blues, rock…

Favorite gadget: I can’t really decide — It has to be the phone or the mountain bike.

Last holiday: The amazing city of Budapest

Favorite quote: “Life is what happens while you plan how to live it”

Role models/heroes: Toni Stark — The Iron man: Handsome, billionaire, philanthropist

Best advice that I have ever received: “Restrictions are just in your head.”

What does a typical day in your life look like? It used to be planned in advance — travelling or outdoor activity, but all of that changed recently. I’ve got a beautiful little daughter who got basically all of my free time.

What business challenges keep you up at night? Unresolved queries and great results that are about to be achieved, among other things.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? All the amazing people I communicate and collaborate on a daily basis.

What’s the trait that makes you stand out from the crowd? It’s my attitude of not giving up. And I usually stand out being an ex-basketball player with almost 2m in height.

How do you deal with challenging situations? I am good at finding challenging solutions. Through agile approach I try to collect as much information as possible, analyze it and propose solutions.

How do you perform under pressure? I like being under pressure. This stimulates me to work faster and to focus on the work.

How would you describe your working environment? Business professional and friendly.

Can you describe CoinPoint in 3 Words? Why these 3?

Multinational (We serve clients from 5 continents. Also team is formed from several countries).

Team of professionals (Every person in the team has strong and respectable background. I like to learn new things from everyone).

Great environment (Every day we chat about personal topics. The communication is open and transparent. We overcome milestones together).

Who’s your favorite colleague? My favorite colleague is in the same office as I am, even worse — she is sitting right in front of me. Every day, if we are not fighting for the foot space under the desk, we are then fighting (united or against each other) for the projects, timelines, achievements and where to have lunch. She is in charge of the Marketing department in CoinPoint Group INC.

If you’d like to get in contact with Anton, you can reach him directly at: vladimirov.a@coinpoint.net