With the goal of creating a sustainable blockchain, DLT, and crypto-economic global community, Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) is a non-profit organization that actively supports blockchain and DLT innovations globally and evangelizes their adoption across international governments, industries, corporates, and startups, as well as in civil societies and academia.

The GBF forwards pitch competitions, experience centers, startup programs, and meetups, among others. Some of its popular events are World Blockchain Summit, Singapore Blockchain Summit, and Dubai Blockchain Summit.

By attending the GBF’s events, participants will have a chance to take part in workshops and networking dinners. These can help guests to further understand the impact of blockchain technology in various industries and have the opportunity to widen their network by socializing with other professionals. There will also be a “blockathon” in which developers and innovators can showcase their skills by creating a solution prototype.

Global Blockchain Foundation organizes not only formal conferences but also social parties that are thrown usually after each GBF event.  With the many activities prepared by the GBF, aspiring participants should not miss the company’s events.